Turn10 Confirms That Forza Motorsport 7 Demo Is Locked To 60FPS, Future Updates Will Unlock It

Oh well, seems like PC gamers are going to have to wait a while.

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2pacalypsenow63d ago

I wonder why a feature like locked framerate even happens? Same thing happened with Mafia 3

Lon3wolf62d ago

Some games (not racing ones), require locked frame rates for animations etc. and would look/behave wrong at a different frame rate than intended, so yeah odd for a racing game.

EddieT62d ago

Sometimes because the physics engine is tied to the framerate and the entire game speeds up if a target framerate is exceeded (like Need For Speed Rivals). Sometimes the engine starts to glitch when a very high framerate is reached (skyrim). Even the best engines need some kind of framerate cap, idtech 6 and Frostbite 3 are capped at 200.

DedicatedDark62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Rivals was bad programming discipline not cause of the engine.

Lon3wolf62d ago

Just thought Weather effects may also be tied to FPS?

TeamIcoFan62d ago

I don't really see why -unless you're playing in 3D- you would need more than 60 fps anyway.
Making a game run at framerates higher than 60 fps only makes the gpu work harder for no real benefit, especially if your display doesn't have a refresh rate higher than 60hz.

Movefasta199362d ago

Ok then obviously this if for people who have displays that support those resolutions.

ONESHOTV262d ago

well mine is 165hz so unlocked frames is a must

Erik735762d ago

What that resolution tho....1080p?

1440p/144hz club over here

ONESHOTV262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Erik7357---1440p GSYNC @ 165hz or i can go 4k 60 my choice

EddieT62d ago

Because games are even smoother at higher refresh rates than 60. It's something you need to experience first hand to appreciate.

Erik735762d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Dudd....144fps is life for first person games. If you have 144hz it is so smooth. There is a huge benefit to 144hz and a lot of pc gamers have a 144hz monitor

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EddieT62d ago

Actually it's locked to the refresh rate of the monitor depending on the vsync settings. I have a 1440p 100hz monitor and the framerate is 100fps.

Psychotica62d ago

For some reason the demo doesn't let you play at 21:9. Supposedly it works in the final release version.