Nintendo Switch Versus Unrealistic Expectations

As the Nintendo Switch continues to attract major third-party support - those developers (and Nintendo) need to work on managing expectations - in particular when it comes to other consoles and their versions of games.

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Ra3v3r367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Aye, made some pretty valid points. Nintendo and the devs/publishers are often in a no win situation with some people. Tell everyone what's missing and some will say "ha, told you! Inferior port!" Don't tell them and they get accused of obfuscating the details.

Only thing I didn't agree with was that EA have been very upfront about FIFA not running on Frostbite and they were cited as one company not being totally upfront with the end user. In fact they've pretty much come out and said what we'll get and what we won't and to be honest I'm not gonna miss The Journey!

Oh and one point for the article writer. You wrote "Everyone from Digital Foundry through to IGN and Gamespot couldn’t come to a conscientious on what they were playing." I think the word you were looking for was consensus, not conscientious.

Good work though. Now I'm off to play Steamworld Dig 2!

Edit: had an extra word in there I didn't need!

Ra3v3r366d ago


So far, so awesome! Really reminds me of DigDug but way better and with way more mechanics.

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FallenAngel1984367d ago

"Now, however, the Switch is practically drowning in third-party offerings."

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

bluefox755366d ago

That part made me laugh, lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman366d ago

They're probably #1 including indies as a form of non-first-party support, or #2 including the full list of 300+ Switch games, which also lists some titles that aren't released yet but are confirmed to be coming.

Either way, they aren't exactly wrong. The only form of outside support it's missing is a bunch of mainstream multiplats, which don't make up the center of the gaming universe unless you just REALLY like playing through another Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty.

LucasRuinedChildhood366d ago

What an idiotic comment. Since games like Resident Evil 7, Project Cars 2, The Evil Within 2, South Park, Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter:World, Prey, Destiny 2, Need for Speed Payback, Injustice 2, etc are multiplats and they are not confirmed to be coming to the Switch they are obviously not real games. Unless they happen to get ported to the Switch, that is. Then they're great, lol. How sad. You're whining about people comparing Doom on the Switch (no mp, 720p 30FPS) to other platforms and you have been telling them that THEY are narrow-minded. And then, you say that multiplat games are pretty much just AC and COD.

When are you going to stop spouting this crap? You haven't changed your tune one bit from last gen. What you're saying would have applied to Doom a week or 2 ago, i.e. it's fanboy bullshit.

wonderfulmonkeyman366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

You want idiotic comments, Lucas?
Look at your own.
You and all the rest have been going around downplaying literally EVERYTHING that comes to Switch, even the Nintendo titles.
Me? All I've said is that AAA multiplats aren't the end-all of third party support.
That's not a lie and I've never ONCE said they aren't real games or don't matter, even if I don't plan on getting some of them.
Heck, even though I prefer the other Monster Hunter games, I STILL plan on giving Worlds a spin.

I doubt I can say the same for you. You probably don't even OWN a Switch, and I would not put it past you to have LAUGHED at anyone who has said they want to continue seeing the series on Nintendo consoles.

What I'm saying applies to what I SAY it applies to.
You don't get to decide that, and you ESPECIALLY don't get to accuse ME of fanboy bullshit when all I ever see YOU doing is waltzing around taking the piss out of any Nintendo fan you can get your trollish claws into.

We're done here. Just stop talking to me if you hate my opinions so much. It would save the both of us a lot of headaches and would make you look a lot better as a result, especially compared to now.

PS: Do your damned research. DOOM DOES HAVE MULTIPLAYER.
It's a separate download, but IT IS THERE.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself. *mic drop, walks out*

_-EDMIX-_366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Wait huh? How did you come to the conclusion that they were number one? By default Nintendo is actually the lease supported of all four of the major platforms from PC Playstation Xbox and clearly the switch

PlayStation 4 before it even released had over 1,000 games being developed for it, Xbox One literally had hundreds of games in development for it before it released before we even talked about third-party support that was simply from independent games ...


I mean you're talking about the only company that has a massive list of games that are not being supported by it from Assassin's Creed to Far Cry to Destiny shadow of War the division Ghost Recon Rainbow Six Grand Theft Auto Mass Effect Mirror's Edge Battlefield Deus Ex OverWatch Dying Light Tomb Raider etc

The list is so gargantuan I'm not even sure how you come to the conclusion there number one with the lease top supporting franchises.

That might need the most insane claim I've ever heard anyone ever come up with on this website. I understand you like the switch but dear God I'm also pretty sure you know basic math. You don't need to hate the switch to know for fact it does not have anywhere near the same number of support that the other platforms have , its last place by default.

And please stop playing the victim ,this has nothing to do with downplaying ,this has everything to do with simple math. Your claim is mathematically and factually and objectively or wrong.

That has nothing to do with downplaying anything because we cannot subjectively believe the switch has more support because that is a factual number, that is not a subjective believe. I mean what you're talking about can actually be calculated can you actually really prove they real list it's number one? I mean what you're talking about can actually be calculated can you actually really prove with a real list it's number one?

What you're saying is not an opinion it is grounded in fact and it is factually wrong....

I can't tell you that the PlayStation 4 is number one in third-party support because by default that is incorrect if you consider the PC has an almost infinite number of titles that come to it that may not ever come to consoles.

That does not mean I hate PlayStation 4 or Xbox one that does not mean I'm done playing either the systems or anything like that that simply me telling you an objective fact that you could look up simply by the number count of games.

_-EDMIX-_366d ago


Exactly the biggest problem I have with people who keeps saying this is there not even talking about the game series that stopped coming to Nintendo.

If you're talking about several games being added but you're not talking about a couple dozen that were removed it doesn't really make any sense.

Benjaminkno366d ago

As a fan, I wouldn't say that they're drowning in offers.

The situation is a welcome improvement.
Maybe there's a good dampening rain, but no drowning.

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Istolla366d ago

Let's be honest, the people complaining about Switch ports being inferior or the Switch being week are those who don't own or intend to own the system. Devs should not worry about those voices, just keep bringing great games to the Switch and people will buy it.

GameBoyColor366d ago

Yeah, it's like games coming over to the switch somehow impacts them even though they don't own or even plan on owning a switch. These guys just like to trash anything nintendo.

djplonker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

These ports are for those who only have a switch though.

Anyone who has an xbox or ps4 or pc can pick up a better version of doom for £10.

The switch version is £45.

Istolla366d ago

I don't only have a Switch, yet I'd pick up the Switch version of these games over PS4 and even my PC. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. I don't care that the Switch version is more expensive. I can take my gaming sessions on the go, or if the TV isn't free. No other console gives me an out of the box solution for that.

_-EDMIX-_365d ago

Absolutely agreed

The only people I see buying this are those who don't even have a real choice in the matter. I don't even see the point in playing something on the go if it also means lowering of the overall quality of performance in missing features. Anybody who owns a switch but also other systems to play this game and chooses the worst version clearly likes the concept of portability more than the actual game itself.

I don't play games just to play them on the go , I actually played them to have the best experience. I don't really understand what's the point of bragging that I'm on a train playing a game if it's also running at the worst possible performance with missing content and 540p and lagging on 30fps and even dipping below that.

No thanks. I'll play the quality version on PC or PS4.

maybelovehate366d ago

Disagree.. I own a Switch and there is no way I am buying those crappy versions of games I already have.

Istolla366d ago

That's fine, but not everyone shares your viewpoint. Everyone is free to use their systems however they want.

_-EDMIX-_365d ago


I'm looking to buy one, but I have no clue why I would get the worst version if I already own a PlayStation 4. It's like I own a cell phone too but why on Earth would I buy bio shock for a damn phone when the best of version is on other platforms I already own?


People seriously need to get over the stupid gimmicky novelty of playing something portably if it also means lower performance , lower resolution and missing features. I mean the same people that might as well never played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and just waited Ten Years Later to play it on a cell phone for the "awwwwwwwww kool it's on a portable bro"

I'm starting to wonder if these people like the concept of portability more than the actual game itself lol I don't understand anybody who could like a game series but also want to play the worst version with missing content.

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