What Happened to My Start Button?

Granted, the buttons are in the same place they’ve always been and people will continue to use them in the same ways.

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JaguarEvolved215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

What happened to game genie and the power glove?

FallenAngel1984215d ago

Start and Select buttons have fallsn by the wayside

RommyReigns213d ago

I remember using the select button on the PS1 fifa games to change formations during matches instantly.

PhoenixUp213d ago

Ever since the Wiimote was released, Start and Select began to disappear from modern controllers, which is a shame because "Press Start" is such an iconic element/phrase of this industry

segamaniaco213d ago

You can start the game with any button, you can select the modes with d-pad

Start and select are useless now

New functions like share deserve their own button now