Biomutant: THQ Nordic’s next Action-RPG Receives New Screens and Details

Biomutant: THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 offer us some interesting updates – and a batch of unpublished screenshots – for their next open-world action-RPG for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Relientk77387d ago

I hope this game turns out to be good, love the concept and what I've seen so far

fenome387d ago

Same here, I love the concept and character customization, and crafting and, well, everything I've seen or heard so far.

It seems super ambitious though, so I'm trying to keep my expectations in check (as always). I really hope they can pull it off, I really want to play it.

darthv72386d ago

It certainly does look promising.

-Foxtrot386d ago

Hopefully because it's the best looking new IP I've seen in a while

386d ago
Kingdomcome247386d ago

This is shaping up to be highly intriguing. I'm definitely keeping an eye on it.

ibrake4naps386d ago

As long as u can turn off the constant narration

Hardiman386d ago

This game looks really interesting! Here's hoping it all comes together. I love mutant raccoon-cats!

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