PUBG Developers 'Contemplating Action' Against Epic Games for Fortnite's Similarities

An offshoot game mode of Fortnite that apes the popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has prompted a response from Bluehole Inc.  The company recently issued a statement regarding the similarities between the two games and a lawsuit may be brewing.

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AspiringProGenji274d ago

You did not create the genre. Bullshit!

darthv72274d ago

Agreed. Hell if every dev who makes a game, that is similar to another game, sought legal action... our gaming landscape would be rather barren.

What ever happened to imitation is the highest form of flattery? some of the best knock offs were similar to some of the best known games. Dante inferno (similar to GoW), Quantum Redshift (similar to wipeout) for example.

BenRC01273d ago

Props for the QR reference!

273d ago
Goldby273d ago

So should Koushun Takami go after pubg for using his book as inspiration for their game?

Yohshida273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

The mode is freaking called battle royal, how much more could they honor him? Put his face on every character?

UCForce273d ago

But still, BlueHole shouldn't have blame Epic.

Yohshida273d ago

They basically copied it 1:1 without adding anything new

Goldby273d ago

@ videogames

Can you destroy and build in pubg?

Thought so

Cyro273d ago

Bluehole isn't Brendan Greene.

Yohshida273d ago


true but the game is named after him

UCForce273d ago

Like I said, they shouldn't have blame Epic Game. Because right now, Epic Game get a free advertising.

DigitalRaptor272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Battle Royale is not a genre, it's a mode, and Epic proved that.

Not only that but that nature of their game proves that you cannot 1:1 copy something without putting your own spin on it. They mimicked its game mechanics and fit them into their own game which is not that similar other than it being a game where you shoot people. You cannot destroy and build in PUBG like this:

Now, should we say Fortnite copied Starhawk 1:1 without adding anything new?

Yohshida272d ago

That is even worse than copy pasting. H1z1 proved that crafting in battle royal is beyond horrible. Maybe thats why they dont get full matches.

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rainslacker272d ago

3 months ago, people never talked about the dev, or even the game in the console community. In the PC community, their game was popular, and the dev got props for the game. Now, they're looking at suing Epic?

Yeah, lets see how well that goes over as I'm sure Epic can find any number of ways to counter sue them into oblivion, as they were one of the front runners of the FPS.

TheSaint272d ago

So should the film company that made Battle Royale sue PUBG?

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-Foxtrot274d ago

Oh here we go...developer gets a little success and BOOM

Fortnite has been in development for years. Went through changes sure but it has still in development before this was shown off. It's like when people said Uncharted copied Gears of Wars cover when Uncharted was like half way through development before Gears was even shown off, not something you can quickly copy.

Obscure_Observer274d ago

Fortnite has great potential to become PS4´s battle royale game since PUBG hasn´t a release window for a PS4 version.

Guys on Epic are smart and will go for it.

uptownsoul274d ago

True...But GTA 5 will overwhelm both PUBG & Fortnite in the "Battle Royale" (since 6.9 of the 7 billion people on the planet already own the game)

zerocarnage273d ago

I enjoy fortnite in many ways. I love resourcing, building my own storm shield base and designing it, looking for treasure chests, defending against hordes of zombies, the different map layouts and game modes.

My only gripe with fortnite is schematics are locked out to a pay wall, but they have however it seems increased llama top schematics finds which is something.

I've not played much of fortnites battleground, but I can honestly see why bluehole is threating. Fortnite went a d took the ganemode and put it on a soon to be free2play model, not only that but fortnite devs made it better by the fact you can create buildings and make your events run through mazes to get to you, mazes of traps and they arnt guarantee to be there. It can be a lot more strategic than pubg so at most I think bluehole are scared because fortnite offers more than just a game based and built around one entire mode like pubg.

zerocarnage273d ago

I don't ever recall a Debate between gears and uncharted cover. Not only did the 2 not look the same but wasn't gears released 2006 while uncharted was 1 year later 07, both in the months of November.

You mite find development of gears started first also, but hey that's in the past.

The problem isn't with the initial development of fortnite it's with the lately created extra game mode battle grounds.

Either way I don't think it warrants court action if that happens then the first ever dev who made the first ever free for all in that game, (don't ask me what the game is called lol I dno- but bet it was gens back) would and should be able to take every dev to court for money due, it won't sit in court.

Question what is doing my head in which dev+ game gave birth to free for all???

rainslacker272d ago

Didn't Unreal Tournament have a mode similar to this? Been a long while since I played that game, but recall a mode that was a every man for themselves kind of deal .

Konman72274d ago

I haven't seen similar are they? It'd have to be really close to even think about something like this.

CBOAT274d ago

Like pretty much identical but without the broken part.

Yohshida273d ago

and without the fun factor

Goldby273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

They took their fortnite formula an added a 100 player battle royal to it. So u can still build and dismantle stuff

Liqu1d273d ago

Less similar than H1Z1 and Pubg. It uses the basic Battle Royale formula, 100 players, shrinking map, randomly placed items etc. but it's a lot more arcadey and it has destructable environments and you can also build stuff.

bluefox755273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Lol, come on, what scumbags. They didn't create the genre, and even if they did, it's not illegal for other games to adopt it. I really have zero interest in either game, but this is making me want to support Fortnite. I hate when devs do crap like this.

Tsuru273d ago

Bluehole did another interview and said it wasnt about them making a battle royale game. They dont mind battleroyale games. They only have an issue with Epic taking PUBG and making a copy of it for fortnite. They aren't trying to make it its own game, and thats is the problem.

Servbot41272d ago

You can't stop other developers from making a game similar to yours just because they are more talented than you. Seriously this better be thrown out as soon as its taken to court and Bluehole should be paying Epic's lawyer fees.

rainslacker272d ago


Things like this may never even make it to an actual court case. There has to be sufficient evidence that Epic copied the mode, and generally creative content like this can't be owned, as everything is derivative of something before it. Even Bluehole's battle royale probably took many things from other games to make it, and make it their own. This is very common practice in both games and media like movies or TV.

If by chance this ever went to court, and somehow bluehole won based on just being similar in genre, it would be a death knell to creativity and moving forward, as no doubt if you go back far enough, you'll find that one guy who you never heard of that released something before everyone else suddenly trying to cash in on his work.

Bluehole would be wise to tread very carefully here. While they may have success with this game, they just aren't at a point where they can take on a juggernaut like Epic without wide reaching repercussions to their reputation within the gaming industry. If this were a clear cut case of infringement, that'd be one thing, but using similar genres is so common in the gaming industry it's almost laughable that someone would try to claim ownership. Even more laughable that they think they are somehow unique enough, and that that uniqueness is somehow owned by them. Copyright just doesn't work like that.

ShadowWolf712272d ago

Except it very much is its own game.

badz149272d ago

if this Bluehole action is allowed, I can't wait for Activisison to sue EA for Titanfall and for everybody to sue everybody because they claim they own a genre

rainslacker272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

And it'll keep going all the way back to the creator of Pong.

Luckily, the big publishers aren't going to waste money on something so frivoulous, because they understand that they aren't innocent from using derivative and inspired concepts(to use nice terminology).:)

Bluehole can waste money if they want, but Epic is worth a lot more, and has a much better reputation in the industry than Bluehole does. I don't think now is a good time for Bluehole to become one of those ego-maniacal devs who thinks they're more important than they really are. How many devs that made something good went downhill quick when they started acting like they were some gods of the development community?

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