Dele Alli Unhappy With Player Rating in FIFA 18

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli is outraged at his player rating in FIFA 18, and has refused to play as himself.

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Woolly_61d ago

It's a little bit too high I think.

hellztourguide42061d ago

Does he think he's better than Harry Kane...?

dmonee61d ago

If you don't like it Dele, go to the player edit screen and raise your attributes all to 100%. ...........u prick!.......

elazz61d ago

Doesn't he want his rating to be lower? He said it's unrealistic

Killa7861d ago

Oh look another overrated English player who take himself too seriously.

mafiahajeri61d ago

Have you seen him play in real life? Im guessing not, TV doesnt do him justice. Went to the chelsea vs tottenham game in wembley and he was a beast. Also hes only 21.

mogwaii61d ago

A beast....its bloody soccer! lmao!

Killa7861d ago

he's good, an 80ish rated player

hes not the best young talent in europe nor has he led his team to any trophies.

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The story is too old to be commented.