Forza 7 vs Project Cars 2 vs Gran Turismo Sport

Forza Motorsport 7 vs Project Cars 2 vs GT Sport: Petrolheads are spoilt this year with three of the biggest names releasing new entries. Which is the best?

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Vasto178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

It will come down to Forza and Project Cars.

GT Sport does not look nearly as good as the others.

darthv72178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

As a racing fan, I will likely get all three.

yippiechicken178d ago

I generally really enjoy most racing games. I'll likely pick up Forza but I'm sure I'll get GT so I can use my new PSVR!

nix178d ago

The entire reason GT Sports exists because it's officially recognized by FIA. You race and you can actually win an FIA trophy. That's why it's mostly MP because you have to race against other people.

Now who's going to get GT Sports is completely a different thing. I'm skipping PC2 because I'm only interested in Formula cars and the career... PC1 was horrible with AI. They were all homicidal. I'm surprised I finished started from Formula C and went all the way to A in spite of the horrible AI. I'll wait for a year to get PC2 when the price comes down.

Having said that I don't know if I will get GT Sports... I'll probably be ranked 564327. lol.

I picked up F1 2016 only a couple of months back because I was getting 70% off. Won't even be looking at F1 2017.

Frankly I just have too much of backlog starting with TLG so racing games are going to take a backseat.

Dee_91177d ago

Same. I'm so happy forza came to PC! I was torn between getting an xbox one x and an gaming pc, but they made the choice for me. I was going to pass on Pcars because the first one was rubbish, but the positive reviews are looking promising. As for gtsport... I've been hooked since the beta and that was without all of the cars & tracks, scapes, customization, livery editor, and it didn't look and sound as it does in the current build. As a racing sim fan, and car fanatic, I am in heaven... my social life is about to non-existent.

rainslacker177d ago

I would have said the same, but I'm really disappointed in the lack of a traditional career mode. What they state is their new career mode doesn't appeal to me, as it sounds like an extended version of the license tests of old GT games, which were my least favorite part of the game. Plus, I'm not that fussed about online play, so that aspect doesn't appeal to me.

And I'm one of the biggest GT fans on this site. Absolutely love the series as a whole. And I've been accused of being a Sony fan boy. but I can't get behind GT:S.

Such a disappointment, because I was really looking forward to it with PSVR, and maybe a new racing wheel set up.

Maybe they'll eventually include a proper career mode and I'll change my mind. Apparently all the AI is there for having an actual race. Seems rather simple to apply that to a progressive leveled career mode.

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Zeke68178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

For me as a PlayStation owner it stood between GT Sport and Project Cars 2. But I just came home from my friend who bought Project Cars 2 and after trying it hands on I decided to stick with my GT Sport pre-order.
PC2 was great but it wasn't giving me that same nice feeling that the GT Sport Beta did, and I know alot of things have improved after that Beta ended so I wait until 18th Oct when GT sport releases here.

That doesn't mean I can't sneak over to my friends house and take a few cars for a spin in Project Cars 2 and vice versa after I get GT Sport ;)

Dee_91177d ago

Was there any controller lag with pcars 2?

Zeke68177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

We used a steering wheel (Thrustmaster T300 RS EU) and it felt really smooth for 95% or so, but I think the little micro stutters we could see and feel was videostutter, not caused by the wheel, that could be solved with a gamepatch. Because that was mainly during starts with alot of cars grouped up. As the races went on it felt really smooth overall. So that's probably an optimization thing.
The very little time I played with a dualshock wasn't enough to judge anything by, but spontaneously it didn't feel just as smooth as with the steering wheel, but that's probably just because I have always prefered a wheel since I bought one myself and got used to it ;)
My friend has an original PS4 but sadly he bought the game digitally so I can't just borrow it and try it out on my Pro just like that, but if possible I try convincing him to come over and download it on my system so we can try it out. But don't hold your breath, he's usually not so happy seeing games look much better on my PS4 Pro because his wife think after console, VR, Farpoint with rifle and whatnot, hes gaming budget is on hold hehe ;)

TKCMuzzer177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Comparing GT Sport beta and Project Cars 2 if you are using a controller, stick to GT Sport, it feels much better and precise, if you want a career mode, go Project Cars 2, just be prepared for some twitchty handling (and weird penalty system).
I have PC2 for the single player but will get GT Sport for MP races as I have a feeling the GT Sport community will be a better online driving community (less ramming etc)

Septic178d ago

You never know, GT Sport can surprise. I think we might see a tough race between the 3

TKCMuzzer177d ago

GT Sport is going after the online audience who like to race properly, I imagine there will be quite a few good player hitting that one.

Bigpappy178d ago

Between GT and Forza, it just boils down to which system you own.
Between Project cars and Forza, they both look very nice, but I think Forza will have a solid edge it the looks department. It will come down to how authentic they seem to handle and how fun and engaging the events are.

Cupofjoe177d ago

pc2 has more photo realistic look where forza looks god but oversaturated

81BX178d ago

Ummm does that make GT less fun?

Atticus_finch178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I choose GT and once it becomes cheaper I will also get PC2.

MrFisher21178d ago

Glasses are needed for this one

jmetalhead77812178d ago

Forza will always be my first choice, but GT looks really good. To say it doesn't look "nearly" as good is coming off kinda trollish. All three look fantastic. Good time to be a racing fan!

Bigpappy178d ago

Not really. pc2 and F7 are much better graphical showcases because they are featuring on stronger hardware. Nothing there to fret about.

jmetalhead77812178d ago

@ bigpappy

I've looked at footage of all 3, and they all look great. Although I think F7 looks best, it's minimal. To say GT sport doesn't look NEARLY as good is trolling. Sorry, that's not an objective view and is said to get a reaction.

DigitalRaptor178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

At this stage, Gran Turismo Sport's lighting system is incredible and is what gives it its signature look - and it so happens that they've done so much better done there than Turn 10 have with Forza 7's lighting, which looks flat and dull by comparison. Of course, the other games don't have VR integration on console, so I'll be enjoying that.

Zabatsu177d ago

Haha, come on man, don’t even go there.

OffRoadKing177d ago

So you have an xbox, got it.

teo72177d ago

Didn't like Project cars 2, and I don't have xbox one, so it's Gt Sport for me

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zypher178d ago

Got this feeling GT Sport will sustain the duration of PS4, and we won't see GT7 till PS5.

darthv72178d ago

Well that would suck if true. Plus it breaks the trend of 2 GT games per console cycle.

Then again sony already threw a wrench in the mix when they released the pro so.... yeah.

The_Sage178d ago

Do you also think that Microsoft threw a wrench into the works with the Xbox One X (terrible name...they should have stuck with Scorpio)?

I'm asking honestly. I'm not trying to come off as a jerk in any kind of way.

darthv72177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Perhaps, sage but since this comment is about GT I really cant say.

nowitzki2004178d ago

They will release GT7 on PS4. If anything GT7 will end up on PS5 as well.

rainslacker177d ago

I'd be fine with that if they include a proper career mode at some point. I can easily play a GT game for 2-3 years.

greywolf39178d ago

GT SPORT and Forza 7 looks stunning and project cars 2 should not be even compared to those Two. WTF where they doing in slightly mad?!?! Graphics are horrible

Lamboomington178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

So graphics are the be all and end all ? The truth is that's the only thing most people will pay attention to when it comes to online comparisons. Graphics are not the most important. Besides, Project Cars has a lot more going on than those two.

Dynamic Time of day and weather, fully 3d vegetation (maybe this was a wrong decision though) and a whole lot of environmental simulation that the other two don't do.

Forza has some weather, but still static Time of Day. All that pretty lighting doesn't come for free you see. GTSport has static lighting and no weather at all. Infact they even stated that the static lighting allowed for better lighting quality. It's always a compromise. It's a big difference. PCars 2 has to handle so much more because it's this dynamic.

IRetrouk177d ago

Gt sport does have weather, just not dynamic weather like gt 5 and 6, also the lighting is still dynamic, its just at a fixed time instead of going through changes during the race.

Ju177d ago

Forza drives the same since I don't know when. Same game shinier each year. Still arcade and probably will always be. Sure pretty, but if the XBO can run this in 60fps @ 1080p than you know why.

GT always had the best physics. For the best or the worst. Didn't always improve, I'd say, but still the most authentic car handling - where each car actually feels different, even the sucky ones.

PC2 is a nice alternative. Haven't driven it, unfortunately but would want to give it a go. As a PC gamer of course that is a game which pulls of dynamic weather and supports the Pro and includes some real courses; and unfortunately no more DC(2). So, GT and PC2 has to do.

FlyShootRaceSims177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

@ Ju, GT always had the best physics. No, just no.
Sims: TOCA, F1, iRacing, AC, PC, etc.
Simcades: GT, Forza, Sega GT
Arcades: DC, Shift, Test Drive, NFS, Mario Kart, etc.

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marquisray178d ago

I have a ps pro and I'm waiting for my x, it would be nice b4 judging every tried all 3

Condemnedman178d ago

exactly how can you judge before you try well said

slavish0177d ago

90% of this site needs to follow that rule

nowitzki2004178d ago

Same thing I though. Have only played PC2 so far so its not really fair for the other games at this point lol. Ill be getting GT Sport as well.

mark_parch177d ago

exactly, at the minute i plan on getting forza 7 after playing the demo and gt sport beta. but i am going to wait till ACG reviews all 3 to make up my mind