Street Fighter EX’s Doctrine Dark Announced for Arika’s Mysterious PS4 Exclusive Fighting Game

Another combatant from the Street Fighter EX series is set to return in Arika's fighting game for PS4, which remains untitled for now.

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Abriael81d ago

that's not the title. It's the name of the character.

AizenSosuke81d ago

Lol @Natsu check the article next time bro ;)

_-EDMIX-_81d ago

Lol I think he was just joking

chrisx81d ago

The explosives guy with fist blades and rope. Looks like a very good game in the making

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d3nworth181d ago

Doctrine Dark one of my favorite characters. I wish they showed more gameplay of him.

Kyosuke_Sanada81d ago

Eggzplosive! XD

He was one of the best characters of the EX series along with Kairi, Cracker Jack and Area.

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The story is too old to be commented.