Gran Turismo Sport acquits itself well in VR | EuroGamer

Hands-on with the latest build of Polyphony's PlayStation racer.

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JaguarEvolved327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Sounds like gran turismo is very good in vr. I cant wait to buy this game and a ps4. Hopefully theres going to be a ps4 bundle with gran turismo. If there is a proper priced psvr bundle this holiday I'll probably buy that as well.

Rocketbazooka327d ago

"Hopefully theres going to be a ps4 bundle with gran turismo."

Knushwood Butt327d ago

I played a high-end VR driving game on dedicated hardware yesterday: called T3R simulator.

I'd say, without a doubt, VR is the future of driving games.

To me, it felt extremely natural.

Only downer is that 2 people I was with had to quit due to motion sickness. I had no problem.

yeahokwhatever324d ago

Driveclub VR is fantastic, but Dirt Rally in VR is where its at until GT:S.

328d ago
Apocalypse Shadow328d ago

1 on 1 is a downer because of Polyphony wanting it to look in its highest quality but good to hear that VR holds up pretty well on PS4 when you are playing it.

Gamist2dot0327d ago

At first, 1 vs 1 in VR doesn't appeal to me - kinda boring. Then I thought about just crusing/speeding through cities/tracks in VR would be awesome; sometimes I just feel like driving an exotic car with having to think about rushing to the finish line.

yeahokwhatever324d ago

I spend the overwhelming majority of my Gran Turismo time in time trial mode, so driving solo on a track in VR is a dream come true for me.

corroios328d ago

Very nice PD. I just wish Kazunori Yamauchi would get a bigger team. Its true that i dont know how many work for PD, but he is so ambitous and he should have a huge team behind him.

GT is a franchise with world appeal, one of the biggest if not the biggest of Sony. Its a huge system seller and it should have the best team available.

I dont know where the evolution team went for, but they would be perfect to do the arcade mode of the game,
and also their tech for the rain effect was amazing and so early on the gen they were, tech wise, ahead of the pack.

WePlayDirty327d ago

Evolution studios was closed down. Idk where the team went.

Aggesan327d ago

Looking forward to this!

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