Destiny 2 Gets A Surprise Big Price Promotion In The Same Month As Release

ThisGenGaming says "Destiny 2 gets a surprise and big price promotion after only releasing just a few weeks ago."


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Sciurus_vulgaris56d ago

I live in Canada, and Bestbuy had Destiny for $10 lower than other new releases, The game was 69.99,instead of 79.99.

Mikelarry56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Guess its not selling well as there wouldnt be doing price cuts if it was flying off the shelves

4U2NV56d ago

Lol with 3.3 million players online yesterday id say the game has sold very well.

Takwin56d ago

It is doing REALLY well. And when it comes out on PC, watch out. It's numbers on Twitch will skyrocket. The big boys will be playing and promoting it - like Dr. Disrespect, Summit1G, Lirik, and Shroud. Which then leads to more sales. more views, more money.

All of that is because it is such a tight, responsive, well made game. They listened and learned from the first one.

CorndogBurglar56d ago

Lets not forget Christmas being right around the corner also.....

CorndogBurglar56d ago

You don't have to guess. You can see that its selling incredibly well if you look around online.

Kribwalker56d ago

Maybe selling below expectations. Like tf2, it sold well, but it sold lower then expected and started seeing price drops pretty quick

ZombieKiller56d ago

That sucks i bought it at full price. That's the price you pay to get the gratification of having it first i guess oh well. Regardless, im enjoying the ever loving shit out of it. Way way WAY better than D1

thekhurg56d ago

And I'll be paying full price way later because of the PC version delay. Not upset in the slightest.

kevnb56d ago

there were pre order deals during e3 week here in canada, do they not have those everywhere?

Bnet34356d ago

Why does it suck? Bungie deserves it. They made an amazing game worth every penny.

Ittoittosai56d ago

8£ is a big price drop? Um ok.

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