DOOM Has Quietly Been Re-Added To The Xbox One X Enhanced List; PS4 Pro Support Unconfirmed

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like DOOM will get Xbox One X enhancements after all, PS4 Pro support is still unconfirmed."

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Travis3708361d ago

That would be bogus to support one console but not the other. I guess these developers want money first, they just can't update the games like their suppose to.

DiceAndRice361d ago

I wouldn't panic. The Witcher 3 technically got confirmed for Xbox One X first at E3 then there was an official post not long after by CD Projekt RED about the patch coming for PS4 Pro as well.

Bigpappy361d ago

That is correct. Lets face the facts here. The developers are excited by how easily X1X runs their games at such high fidelity. PS4pro support is coming as a side effect as to not play sides. But it will not be done to the same level as X1X. This is not just because of the obvious power difference, but also the easy of porting these assets to the X and the complexity of achieving similar results on the pro. In many cases, the pro will simply see a basic resolution bump, where the X will have better textures and effects.

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bouzebbal361d ago

now we have exclusive 4K patch :)
better and better...

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

It sounds like some developers are adding support pretty late which I'm surprised because I didn't think some of these other games would be getting Pro support or Xbox One X support

81BX361d ago

Cod hasn't been confirmed for 1x yet either. Wouldn't read into thus just yet

TheUndertaker85361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Why would it be bogus when:

1) One X hosts significantly more resources compared to PS4 Pro allowing developers to do more

2) The process of going from Xbox One to Xbox One X has been stated to be so easy that a product can be ready within days, even with a small team, whereas the same has not been said for PS4 to PS4 Pro showing less development time needed on the Microsoft side versus the Sony side

3) ID have shown themselves to be more capable with PC versus console while Xbox for development is closer to PC compared to PlayStation

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Fishy Fingers361d ago

Such a great and well optimised game is sure any updates for the XBX (and I’m sure Pro) will run and look great up the update(s).

corroios361d ago

Lol, i already see the next new kind of marketing. Exclusive 4k patches!!!!!! We payed to get an exclusive patch!!!!

Vasto361d ago

So it begins!

When will more devs just focus on Xbox One X because PS4 Pro is simply not powerful enough to do much of an upgrade?

Christopher361d ago

About the same time they focused on the PS4 over the Xbox One...

I agree they need to use each hardware to its fullest, but that doesn't mean 'just focus' on one or the other.

MasterCornholio361d ago

The PS4 Pro isn't just slightly more powerful than the Base PS4 though. They can still give it a pretty good resolution bump which is the main purpose of the system.

G3ng4r361d ago

It won't happen all at once but xb1x will start seeing exclusives as well as the best versions of multiplats on console after a year or two if ps5 isn't rushed out soon. Just like vanilla ps4 will slowly lose support in a focus to keep ps4pro relavent amidst Microsoft with growing support and the looming ps5.