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Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to attend my very first Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California and was instantly disappointed in myself for not attending this fantastic show sooner. I saw a wide array of video games ranging from fun independent titles like Let Them Come to blockbuster mainstream hits like Injustice 2. Despite all these incredible games, there was one title in particular that caught my attention and stayed on my mind right up until I finally had hands-on time with it at PAX West 2017.

That title is Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, a standalone cinematic adventure game and the first official release by Imaginati Studio under the creative direction of Andy Serkis. Here’s more in-depth information on this upcoming title and why it is without a doubt the definitive Planet of the Apes interactive experience.

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rbailey300d ago

This was without a doubt a great way to approach making a planet of the apes game. Very curious to see if the final product delivers.

sagesurge300d ago

I didn't even know they was a game for this movie. After reading your review, I will surely check it out.

DigitalRaptor300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Andy Serkis's contribution to video games is actually pretty damn respectful, so I'm quite excited for this.

I loved the trilogy and this seems like a fantastic way to provide some additional story and perspective.

SwiffEpics299d ago

This is one of the movies that has the potential to become a great game series. It seems as if the execution is actually good too.

OB1Biker299d ago

Should be interesting with playlink.

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