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Given the prowess of the PS4, it is not surprising that this is the best looking Monster Hunter game to date.

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corroios331d ago

Finally a MH on a console with power to make with good graphics. This franchise desserve it.

bouzebbal331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

doesn't necessarily mean it is a better game, you know that right?
focusing on graphics can leave other things unpolished.
i prefer a more polished gameplay at first.

corroios331d ago

Nope, but it allows to create more detailed, alive monsters, better frame rate, , better AI, more monsters on screen. It give more room from the studio to try new stuff.

From the trailer the diference for the other games is huge.

MeteorPanda331d ago

your comment probably ticked a lot of fans of mh tbh.

This franchise NEEDED a graphics update please don't devil's advocate this step in a good direction for the series

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

I was just surprised how great the game looks and I still can't believe it's coming early next year!!!