Call of Duty WW2 will be the best-selling CoD game ever, says Pachter

Michael Pachter weighs in on Call of Duty WW2 sales, suggesting the upcoming FPS will become the biggest game in the series' history.

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Relientk77369d ago

It will sell well, don't think it'll be the best selling Call of Duty ever though. Rumors are saying Treyarch's making a modern Call of Duty next year. I think things are looking up for the series now. No more wall running, jumping around like jack rabbits, and exo suits. Glad that future crap is gone, some of the campaigns were good (like Advanced Warfare) but keep it out of multiplayer.

UltraNova369d ago

Exactly, boots on the ground!

That said, i cant see CoD ww2 being better than BF1...Dice knocked it out of the park...

81BX369d ago

Bf1 was ok. I don't know if cod ww2 will be better but it will certainly sell better.

MVGeneral368d ago

I actually liked black ops 3. The wall running gave it a new dynamic and took the battle to a whole new degree.

_-EDMIX-_369d ago

"No more wall running, jumping around like jack rabbits, and exo suits. Glad that future crap is gone"



AizenSosuke369d ago

Yes it will sell well, but not be the best. Its a too little to bring the former fanbase but the remnants are still high enough to be successful.

Erik7357369d ago

Bout to say, I'm pretty sure call of duty is gone from it's prime days

_-EDMIX-_369d ago


It's definitely not going to be the best-selling considering the theme and the setting but I don't know if I could say it's Prime days are gone as that seems extremely unlikely.

MVGeneral368d ago

Nintendo switch can't handle call of duty. Besides It's a you for kids.

_-EDMIX-_369d ago

😂😂😂 you know when you laugh so hard you can't breathe? That literally just happened to me just now.

Is this man insane? Granted I'm going to buy Call of Duty World War 2 I would argue the vast majority of Call of Duty fans like that futuristic / modern setting especially when you look at the sales. I don't think the older setting with the limited weapons is actually going to appeal to most of the hardcore Call of Duty fans.

Erik7357368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Your right, cod is not gone from its prime days and will go on to sell the most it ever sold. Wonder why activision is even investing in Destiny/Overwatch when you know and they know COD is going to continue be selling great....

_-EDMIX-_368d ago

Call of Duty I don't believe it's gone from its prime but I also don't believe that automatically means this game is going to sell the most ever , especially when you factor most of the most hardcore Call of Duty fans like the futuristic and modern setting evident by the sales.

Activision is interested in Destiny because Bungie is a trusted team Destiny and Call of Duty are not the same thing

OverWatch and Destiny and Call of Duty are not the same thing in fact none of the games you mentioned are even remotely the same with the exception of being first person shooters they're actually completely different concepts.

I mean all the games you just listed are made by different teams, for different reasons and sell to different people, I don't know why you tried to desperately lump those into Call of Duty replacements 😂😂😂

Ausbo369d ago

When I think of call of duty, I immediately think of the early days in WW2. However, with it being almost 10 years since a WW2 COD game, there is a new generation of players that probably won’t pick this up. It’ll sell well, but I doubt the best

81BX369d ago

I'm really interested to see how the hq feature plays out. There are some aspects that appeal to newer gamers. Idk well see. I had fun over all with the beta, still no dedicated serves:(

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