Doom and Rocket League are ported to Switch by developer Panic Button

It's been confirmed that developer Panic Button is in charge of porting both Doom and Rocket League to the Switch.

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Gemmol362d ago

sounds like they a good team

darthv72362d ago

Pretty amazing feat to get Doom on the switch.

MrFisher21362d ago

Not really. They just downgraded the graphics until it ran. The video I saw looked very downgraded.

AKR362d ago

Game development is not that easy. If it were that easy then developers wouldn't have to spend days (and sometimes weeks) in the studio trying to meet a deadline.

Optimizations and tweaks need to be made for every game that comes to any platform, Switch included. While development for the Switch has been confirmed to be rather simple, it's not like they can just drop the game on the system, turn a few knobs and call it a day.

EddieNX 362d ago

The video I saw was the exact same game as the one on PS4 and XB1 with the average consumer not being able to see a difference at all. On the Switches small screen it will look epic.

deafdani362d ago

If it's that simple, why don't they just do the same with The Witcher 3, Overwatch, etc? Just downgrade the graphics until they run.

You seem to be rather knowledgeable on game development. Why don't you call those developers and enlighten them how it's done, so that they can fill the Switch with more third party games?

MetroidFREAK21362d ago

Out of all the idiotic things to say, you say that... really?

wonderfulmonkeyman362d ago

You're probably talking about that "comparison" where someone took screens of off-camera handheld mode instead of a direct feed, and compared it to direct-feed PS4 footage.XD

The game doesn't look as bad as that particular example wants to make people think; honestly aside from a few things being toned down, it looks as close to identical as one can reasonably expect from a $300 hybrid.

porkChop362d ago

The visuals have barely been downgraded at all. I actually would have preferred they were scaled down a little bit more so we could get 60hz instead of 30hz.

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MetroidFREAK21362d ago

Looking forward to double dipping this holiday. I hope everything runs well and the MP is populated

gtxgamer2361d ago

Considering it'll be the first fps game to make it to the switch I wouldn't be surprised if it's heavily populated

About30Ninjas362d ago

Panic Buttons you guys did a great job keep be it up