Metroid: Samus Returns 3DS review - Samus and the Metroid series is back in business again - TGG

“Metroid: Samus Returns” throws a nod to its Game Boy incarnation and has rekindled some faith with the Metroid franchise, because the game is truly amazing" - David Lucas, TGG.

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Atomicjuicer367d ago

Ive been on a media blackout for this game and I wont be following the link because I want to savour this game.

But make no mistake, Metroid: Samus Returns is one of the highlights of this decade for many.

It will be long remembered.

TGG_overlord367d ago

I understand, so it's all cool =) I can tell you this much though, the game is so good that I'm going to buy a 3DS console asap ;)

MaxiPower90367d ago

its meh to be honest, worst 2d metroid since the orignial return of samus lol. art style is woeful. Samus looks like ass. gameplay does not feel classic enough. its worth a play through but doesnt hold a candle to the wind to even the game fame Am2R

TGG_overlord367d ago

Then why the high review grades all over the world? I'm going to buy it and see for myself...

MaxiPower90367d ago

these same journalists have Zelda breath of the wild and MGS the phantom pain 10s... Zelda was unplayable for me as the weapons breaking every two seconds was that big of an annoyance and mgsv pissed on the legacy of what metal gear solid was. Fans are idiots and journalists all say the same thing for the most part in the fear of being different. Watch reviews they all aft the same.