Box art for Nintendo Switch version of Doom

The box art has been revealed for the Nintendo Switch version of Doom.

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Cyro365d ago

Switch definitely got the better box art. That looks great.

TallonIV365d ago

If I remember correctly the PS4/X1 boxart had reversible covers with that art the Switch cover now has.

link2Dpast365d ago

Sweet zombie Jesus that's a beaut. Looks so old school and bad ass. Old school box art was top notch for sure

Tedakin365d ago

The PS4 and Xbox had the same cover art as Switch. It was a reversible cover. My Xbox copy has the OG art.

franwex365d ago

exactly, they simply reversed it. Which should've been from the get go.

Tedakin365d ago

Agreed. I think they were afraid to go with something so retro so went with typical marketable crap. Thankfully we had the option.

wonderfulmonkeyman365d ago

Am I the only one that just wants to take all of these box covers out of the plastic and hang them up on my wall?
SOOOOO many games on PS3, PS4, Switch and 3DS have absolutely gorgeous box art that I'd love to just have hanging around my room.

mercyblades365d ago

Oh yeah, for sure. Heck, even some fan-made ones are stunning!
Check these out, dude:

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The story is too old to be commented.