Is Fortnite a Worthy Contender to the Battle Royale Genre?

Is Fortnite's new mode a worthy addition to the game, or a shameless cash in on a gaming trend?

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Gh05t302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

This mode is being tested by people, why didn't you just find one and interview them and ask them questions about it?

Or just wait 5 more days?

The amount of garbage content coming from gaming sites is getting overwhelming. This article doesn't even answer the question it asks and since its an opinion I would expect it to at least answer based on the information at hand.

Its like people are just writing ANYTHING for content. Try actually writing articles people may want. There is zero substance in this article other than saying "Its risky" and wondering how building will affect the gameplay... Thats what all of us are wondering... Why did you write an article that cant answer the questions all of us have. What is the point of this article!