Another Bullet in Project Cars 2’s Switch Release Chances

Mario Kart is great, but Switch owners wanting an authentic racing experience won’t get it from Slightly Mad Studios.

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SlappingOysters422d ago

There is always Gear.Club.... I almost said that with a straight face.

EddieNX 422d ago

Oh really? One of the most graphically intense games ever made won't run on the Switch!

I'm surprised!!!!!!! Said absolutely no one. Try running MK8 on your XB1 or PS4 lol

2pacalypsenow422d ago

"Try running MK8 on your XB1 or PS4 lol"

I'm sure it would run just fine, if it was available on those consoles.

EddieNX 422d ago

Yh but it's not lol. You guys don't get to play games as fun as MK8 XD

2pacalypsenow422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

If I listed all the "fun" games not available on a Nintendo console, this website would run out of server space. XD

EddieNX 422d ago

2pacalypse you mean all those multiplats that are best played on PC

I'm not even going to argue with you here I'm just going to tell you a fact. Nintendo has and always had have by far the best exclusive games unless you're some massive uncharted fan boy lmao

2pacalypsenow422d ago (Edited 422d ago )


Right so people looking to play a simulation driving game like Forza And GT can just play MK8 on the Switch or Wii U because nintendo has the best exclusives, so everyone has to like them, and anyone who doesn't like their games is a hater.

That pretty much sums you up.

bloop422d ago

I liked Mario Kart.................. when I was 12.

mcstorm422d ago

@bloop your saying you still don't like MK now? I don't believe that. Ide also love to see PC on the switch I also feel SM owe the wiiu owners something for doing them over last gen but I just don't see a sim type racer coming to the switch which is why I also own an xbox one.

bloop422d ago

@Mcstorm: I have absolutely great memories of playing MK on the SNES, and some later entries, but I guess my tastes have changed since then. As I said, I was actually 12 when the first MK released, but now as a grown man in my 30's it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. If given the choice I'd take PC over MK in a heartbeat now, but hey, I'm not going to unnecessarily gloat like EddieNX and convince myself that I have one up on every Switch owner because PC may not be coming.

EddieNX: "You guys don't get to play games as fun as MK8 XD"

I actually get to play games that I find MORE fun than MK8.

Knushwood Butt422d ago

I echo what bloop said.

I was around 17 when the first MK came out.

Played it to death.

Do I want to play MK8?

No. There's a ton of other games I'd rather be playing, almost all of which are on non-Nintendo platforms.

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bluefox755422d ago

It runs great on my PC (MK8 and Project Cars 2).

nitus10422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Well, you could say try running Zelda Breath of the Wild on the PS4, XB1 or PC? ... Oh, you can do that as well as MK8 on the PC. My bad. and 😎

I suppose we really should be asking if you can run Horizon Zero Dawn or Bloodborne or Halo or Gears of War or ... well, you get the picture, on the Switch?

superchiller422d ago

The original Project Cars couldn't run on the Wii U, now Project Cars 2 can't run on the successor to the Wii U (Switch). This is what happens when you make gaming hardware that is way underpowered compared to the competition. Yet Nintendo never learns, they continue to make the cheapest possible gaming hardware, to pad their profits from their loyal fans (a group that gets smaller every year).

Supernintendo85422d ago

That's clearly not true with the way the switch is selling but that's besides the point. you can make a game as photo realistic as possible but if it's not fun it's pointless. Project cars 2 is getting tremendously positive reviews and I'll be happy to play that on my Xbox one. I've posted this before, people that the switch does not appeal to, will not understand its purpose. Yeah it would be cool to play portable Xbox one or PS4 graphically capable games, but the games that are out on the switch still don't look bad at all. Graphics aside, there are tons of games on that system that are genuinely FUN to play. If I'm not mistaken, don't we play games for fun for competitive reasons? Rocket league is clearly not photo realistic but it's an E-sports staple and it's fun. Same goes for league of legends or super Street fighter IV or world of Warcraft for that matter. The day people realize graphics aren't what makes a game, they will understand.

EddieNX 422d ago

That's all rubbish. The Switch has no competition. It's the only dedicated portable console out atm. And then there's 2 home consoles and PC.

Nintendo barely make profit on each Switch sold and the tech is pretty excellent for mobile technology so please stop with the same trolling rhetoric over and over and over.

Project Cars 2 is one of the most graphically demanding games ever made. Who expected it to run on the Switch (a 6.2 inch tablet console) ?

422d ago
SlappingOysters422d ago

If they can make Skyrim work, and Doom, and FIFA, then it is possible. Just takes effort and an audience.

superchiller422d ago

None of those games will run even close to the quality of the true consoles, they'll be mediocre scaled back versions. Would much rather play on consoles that can actually handle the games well.

Sgt_Slaughter422d ago

After the BS they pulled with PCars on Wii U, I'm not shocked in the slightest. This game can probably work well on the Switch with minimal alterations/optimizations but they sound like they don't want to put effort into it.

superchiller422d ago

Nah, if it "worked well" in the evaluation stage, they would have gone ahead and ported it. Clearly Nintendo put too little resources into the design and development of the Switch, so it's just not going to handle the more graphically demanding 3rd party games. The Project Cars developers ran into the same kind of problem with the Wii U, which couldn't run the original Project Cars game. Nintendo is just too far behind with their hardware, every generation. And that has contributed to a severe lack of 3rd party games on all of them.