Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Impressions - The Fighting Game You Wished For | MonsterVine

This weekend I had the chance to try out the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta, and whether you’re a Dragon Ball fan or not, you should be excited.

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meka2611363d ago

Don't remember ever wishing for a 2D dragonball game that is nothing like the show. The only reason we used to have 2D dragonball games is limitations of the consoles. I remember when I was younger playing zone of the enders and thinking, this engine would be great for a DBZ game, never looked at street fighter and said Oh this will be a good DBZ game. It doesn't capture the show at all, just flashy animations.

Movefasta1993363d ago

Opinions opinions,I never liked the 3D dragonball games,budokai 3 and burst limit are my fav ones .so this is great for me and I love the marvel games so I am excited