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Full review of Metroid: Samus Returns, now on Nintendo 3DS.

And if Metroid Prime 4 is as good as Samus Returns, we are in for a thread!


"A Heroic Return: When Samus Returns was coyly announced after Nintendo’s big E3 conference this year, I was stunned. I’d only just recovered from the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 – something that likely won’t be here for a year or two at least – when Reggie dropped another bomb: Metroid was coming back this year, on the Nintendo 3DS. Forgive the space pun, but I was over the moon. I’d been begging for a 2.5D Metroid on the handheld system for years, saying that the system’s 3D feature would work great in such an endeavour. Well, call me a prophet, because I was absolutely right: Samus Returns is everything I knew it could be, and more. Metroid is back, baby."

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Atomicjuicer369d ago

This game will be long remembered as legendary.

Samus has returned!!!

chris235369d ago

why the low grade?? last time i checked a game for a nintendo console only can have full 10/10. are you a nintendo hater?