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If you somehow passed up on it for so long, you have no excuse to avoid this JRPG classic now that it’s on PlayStation 4.

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bigmalky362d ago

This is why I don't trust reviewers anymore. 4/5 for a classic, well presented, story driven game with great characters and systems and amazing graphics for it's time...

Yet HG scores FFXV 3.5/5. Half a point under a review for a game that didn't have any complaints of mention in your article, yet the FFXV one is complaint after complaint.

Either you score a game with little fault 5, or you score a game with a multitude of issues a lot lower... Or is it the new age reviewer fear of scoring games under anything but a 60-70% minimum?

It's a disservice to IX to mark it half a point over one of the shallowest Final Fantasy games of all time.

bigmalky362d ago

Really? Downvotes for using logic? Man, the world is a dumb place.