NBA 2K18 Review (TSA)

TSA writes: "I’ve been reviewing 2K’s basketball games since 2013, and I’ve seen the series evolve and grow in that time. For the most part those changes have been positive, with the one exception of NBA 2K14. It’s no coincidence that it was around that time 2K began pushing the Virtual Currency, which has been present in every entry since. Over the past few years its presence has grown, but there seemed to be enough of a balance where not paying didn’t mean you were penalised. With NBA 2K18 2K games has thrown that balance out of the court."

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Bigpappy367d ago

if would take a lot for this game to fall to a 3/10 game.

MVGeneral366d ago

If your gonna microtransacrion you're game. Atleast make it free to play.

mikeslemonade366d ago

I wouldn't argue much against 3 because the only mode I care about is Team Up and it has been neglected for years. This casual My Team and My Player is casual and stupid to me. If you wanna play that just protest for a new NBA street which is better.

InTheLab366d ago

NBA Microtransactions 18

smolinsk366d ago

Great review, let this be a lesson to that horrible microtransaction trend that is on the rise...good for you TSA:)

chris235366d ago

i don't get all the hassle? obvisously there are many, many people out there who don't mind the transaction system and they obviously like it being shoved down their throats. what's wrong with giving an audience a ripoff when they like it and buy it.

everybody else, including me, just ignores it. thing is, there are much more people buying this abomination that there are people who can hold back. therefore they don't have to change one bit and they will try to suck out more and mire money with each iteration.

i got enough practice ignoring stuff with nintendo on the scene. for me they are far worse than 2k or ea games but see how people WANT things as long as the approach is questionable enough?

tl;dr: don't buy it. don't gi out and buy it and then whine about it. just vote with you wallets. not going to happen, i know.

PlayableGamez-366d ago

You haven't seen the steam reviews?
I haven't played the game, but from what I am hearing, the Microtransactions are just as bad as a free to play mobile game.

quantoxtech366d ago

You did the right thing TSA! A lesson has to be learned here.

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