Battleborn Officially Goes On Life Support As Gearbox Turns Toward Borderlands 3

The saga of Battleborn appears to be drawing to a close, as after almost a year and a half, Gearbox appears to be willing to let the game fade gently into the good night.

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Relientk77388d ago

I'm ready for Borderlands 3

-Foxtrot388d ago

I think we all are...we've been ready for it before Battleborn ha

Veneno387d ago

They should not have tried to leech off the MOBA bandwagon. They had a successful product with Borderlands why mess that up?

Zjet387d ago

Exactly if they didn't make the game ONLINE ONLY.

Have an offline mode people...

Making a game online only alienates your audience as well as gives your game an expiry date.

Battleborn gets sold on daily deals in my country for as little as $5 NZD (about $3 USD) for a retail copy and i still won't buy it because its online only.

lxeasy387d ago

I thought this game was on Life support the moment Overwatch came out

brokasfawk387d ago

That's too bad
It was a fun game
Still is actually

opinionated387d ago

The borderlands 3 tech demo was fantastic, I'm skeptically hyped. Hopefully Pitchford dropped the political activist role and is focusing on making good games again. It's hard not to tie in his latest string of failures with his failed ideology and mindset.