Analyst: PlayStation 4 Pro Could Become Sony’s Standard System, With PS5 To Follow

It turns out that Michael Pachter feels that the PS4 Pro will become Sony’s standard business model of the PlayStation, though he didn’t quite give an exact time frame.

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WelkinCole365d ago

As I said before. The major reason why Sony introduced the pro is for the pro to be a half step into next gen.

Sony never needed to release a mid gen upgrade as the PS4 is already selling on par with the PS2 and it was not slowing down.

Sony learned from the PS3 how easy it was to lose your marketshare when a new gen starts.

The pro really was for those that wanted just a bit more power but more importantly for Sony is to bring in part of the previous gen base (PS4 Pro) into next gen when the PS launches.

The Pro can do 4k already. If it was not for the PS4 holding it back it could actually do more.

Come next gen when the PS5 launches. The Pro will be at 299 doing 4k 30fps standard. This will be more than enough for many people with the right price to boot with many older PS4 games plus newer PS5 games. Obviously the PS5 will be the top model with at least 4k 60fps at 399 for those that will want more power.

Come 2020 there will be at least 15 million PS4 Pro. This will be a big chunk of the base to bring into next gen to ensure Sony does not start from scratch with the PS5 which will be a huge thing for devs/publishers investing in next gen game dev.

It is a brilliant strategy if you think about it.

NewMonday365d ago

also expected this, remember games on the Pro need to be 100% compatible with the base PS4, when the PS5 comes out that limit will be removed.

darthv72365d ago

Will a PS5 be BC with PS4 games...? Maybe but then again maybe not. It all depends on the architecture they go with. If they stick with x86 and just up the speed/performance and programming code then yeah it should be fine. If they decide to go with a whole different approach (or even hybrid style) then it could pose a problem.

then the next big question is... do people jump in at release of the PS5 or wait 3-4 years for there to be an upgraded one? People can have their own personal console cycles and not have to buy them right when they come out. Especially if the trend of mid gen upgrades becomes a thing.

DigitalRaptor365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

"Will a PS5 be BC with PS4 games...?"

Of course it will. We all know why there isn't PS3 backwards compatibility on PS4 that might also have spurred them on to provide it for PS1/PS2, but there's so much being made from the PS4 marketplace that they wouldn't throw that away on things that they can still sell to PS5 gamers. It's my belief that the main reason MS have spent so much effort on BC on XB1 is so that they have an even bigger marketplace for people to buy games now and into the future, which leads to more revenue for their gaming division.

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S2Killinit365d ago

Considering that Sony's consoles always deliver the games, i dont think people will want to miss out. Especially if we cant be sure that there will be a mid gen console. Playstations have not let me down yet, when it comes to bang for the buck. So i dont see myself waiting when the PS5 arrives.

365d ago
NewMonday365d ago


backwards compatibility shouldn't be a problem, forward compatibility will be dificult (PS4 won't play many PS5 games)

TFJWM365d ago

NewMonday "backwards compatibility shouldn't be a problem, forward compatibility will be dificult (PS4 won't play many PS5 games)"

I agree why would you want any next gen system have to cater to the last gen it will force a downgrade...

ClanPsi1365d ago

@DigitalRaptor I know why the PS4 isn't BC with PS3, but there's no excuse for it not playing PS1-2 games. That's just Sony being dumb.

TheKingKratos364d ago

Well, good thing i bought the PRO then

peppeaccardo364d ago

BS ... It doesn't make any sense at all ... if the PS4 pro becomes the standard it means that all the standard PS4 owners will be left out in the cold as all the games will be developed for the PRO with enhanced graphics and utilizing the extra memory. For the PRO to become standard it will take SONY to replace the current Base PS4 with PROs as they want to make sure that games adoption is on par with hardware adoption. Sony has a time constrain of 2 max 3 years to get the PS5 out in the market or the gap with the XBX will be too wide to fill.

Atanasrikard364d ago


Why would you think that it would be backwards compatible? According to sony fanboys, BC is not worth having. I believe even Mark Cerny said BC wasn't important, so why would they bother with it?

rainslacker364d ago


One of the benefits of going to a more common architecture in x86 is that it'll make BC much easier going forward. The CPU is typically the most demanding aspect of BC, due to how those operations are handled different between processors, whereas GPU's typically just advance upon what is already available and keep on adding stuff. Old functions still work on newer GPU's. However, the two similar functions on different CPU's can be handled in extremely different ways. A RISC processor actually takes more processing cycles to process over a CISC processor, but it can do them with fewer commands. Translating those things can be difficult. Things like CELL were a huge departure from RISC and CISC concepts because they used SPE's, which were not unlike how GPU's now use GPU compute, but extremely difficult to emulate.

Anyhow, I wouldn't be too worried about BC going forward. I think it's in the cards at least for the x86 based systems. If they handle older hardware remains to be seen, but if it's not a hardware solution, then it's going to be an emulation solution which is going to have the same limits that exist with Xbox's current implementation of BC, which is publisher approval.

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Neonridr365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

by the time the PS5 launches games will be that much more detailed and complex. If the Pro isn't hitting 4K/30fps with regularity now, I have a hard time seeing it do it in a few years time when games are that much grander.

conanlifts365d ago

It doesn't need to. PS5 games running on pro could be 1080/30 with better graphics. PS5 could be 4k/60. I think that is possible, but they would need to forget about resolution on the pro.

Ju365d ago

PS4 pro games will be pro gsmes. I doubt much of a PS5 will be ported down to the pro. I fully expect the PS5 to have a faster CPU and more ram. None of that can be ported down to the pro. Pro games still look phenomenal at times imo, but going beyond that - even at 1080p - would still require more memory and a higher bandwidth

NewMonday365d ago


FPS won't change much because of the CPU, next gen should focus more on that rather than GPU.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

@sd11-I mean I don't theoretically disagree with you SD but I think Gamers and probably lots of developers do not want PlayStation 5 games being held back by the architecture and the specs of the PlayStation 4.

In order for PlayStation 5 to have its games running at 4K 60 frames it would actually suggest they were made for the PlayStation 4 or even the PlayStation 4 Pro and I'm sorry but that's not what I want from PlayStation 5 I want PlayStation 5 games made it to completely max out the PlayStation 5 ie 1080p 30 - 60 frames and then they could worry about making a PlayStation 5 Pro to bring it to 4K or 8K or whatever the heck is the fancy resolution at that time

I mean consider you're basically trying to ask developers to make Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PlayStation 3 and 360 just to hit 1080p 60 frames instead of making Grand Theft Auto V.

Buddy I'd rather have Grand Theft Auto V 720p 30 frames if it actually means a new engine , tessellation, dynamic range new features in a real next-generation Grand Theft Auto.

I don't want my games held back by lower systems simply to hit fancy numbers.

That's like saying we should have the last of us 2 get made with the exact same assets as the last of us 1 just to have it run 1080p 60 frames or 4K 60 frames or anything like that

Yea no

I'm completely fine knowing that the Last of Us 2 is likely going to run 1080p 30 frames or even 900p 30 frames simply because I want them to push the PlayStation 4 to the complete Max and bring on a host of new features.

Not simply keep using I dated engine just to push fancy numbers.

@New-I mean I gave you an agree because I somewhat agree with you but I believe they should focus on both I think most people need to understand that most gaming is actually not CPU Focus like it was in the past as the GPU takes up most of the computing power nowadays. I mean I'm using a 4 core Athlon AMD from last generation in my PC and I'm still actually playing a bunch of stuff like Star Citizen. (on medium lol)

WelkinCole364d ago

When the PS5 launches

1. Will 8k be ready or will the majority of people be happy with 4k 60fps?
2. Will devs/publishers be willing to dish out more money to get shiner graphics that most people will not really care about?

Think about it. We are getting to the point where we will see even more diminishing return from more power where it will not matter much to gamers if they see more polygons

The smart bet on next gen is to create games with better game-play at lower or steady cost because I think the industry can't continue to incur exponential cost of development without increasing the cost of games which gamers are not willing to buy at a higher price.

What Sony needs to do is focus on making it even easier for devs to ensure the cost of dev is lower. This was the main reason why they took this route with the PS4 this gen. To be more dev friendly and they have seen the benefits from it.

With the PS5 I believe it will be just a more powerful PS4 pro that can do 4k 60fps min. The same architecture as the PS4 pro. Believe me when I say devs/publishers will be over the moon if Sony made it so that the PS4 Pro can also play PS5 games. It will drastically reduce the risk and cost associated when starting next gen game development. Like huge.

The PS5 games will not necessarily be held back. Casual gamers can pick up the PS4 pro. PS5 will also be BC with PS4 games. Everyone wins.

steveo123456364d ago

and within a year of the ps5 launch, ms launch their next gen console. If they trump the ps5 on hardware again, I can see them gaining ground

Ju364d ago

Why are we talking about 8K gaming? This will not happen for a long time and is absolutely not necessary. But 4K will become the sweet-spot replacing 1080p as a mainstream. That market requires a devices which can drive that resolution primarily. The Pro can be a stop gap, but ultimately better looking games with a rock solid performance at 4K will be in demand. 1080p should simply be an "output" option (simply outputting 4K content at that).

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343_Guilty_Spark365d ago

They released it to compete for the pc crowd. Cerny even said as much.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago


PlayStation 4 Pro was never actually made to be some Middle Ground between the PlayStation 5 it was simply made to give PlayStation Gamers an option for higher resolution and frame-rate switch I actually think Pro and Xbox x are great ideas.

Gangster Red actually had an even better idea by suggesting Next Generation that should just simply launch with two skus.

The base SKU that all games will be created on and an upgraded skew for those who want to play at a higher resolution with clearly a higher price tag.

And before anybody starts crying about the install base being fragmented or anything like that this is how it actually is on PC but on PlayStation and Xbox you're talking about something that's much more controlled. I own a regular vanilla PlayStation 4 and I'm not even sure if I'm ever going to buy a PlayStation 4 Pro as I might buy one next year but heck I might go the whole generation with the vanilla PlayStation 4.

The only thing I see being affected here are people's wallets who wants to buy the best and people's egos
who can't take that someone else has something better , but none of that actually really matters to real consumers at the end of the day people are buying game consoles to play games not to try to deny other people the ability to play a game better.

So if the systems launch with two versions I would be okay with that

if the system's launch with base versions and then 3 years later come out with upgrades I'm completely fine with that too.

ImGumbyDammit364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I don't care what Cerny and Andrew House said in this situation. They are full of BS sometimes. This was pure and simple move for better VR. They just decided we better make sure it has other selling points as well Neither the Pro or even the X, which is much closer to higher end PC graphic capabilities, are going stop some mass migration to the PC (which by the way isn't happening in the first place.) Seriously, 60+ million PS4 sold and you actually believe they are worried about people moving to a PC. Numbers don't bare any of that out.

Well the Pro did not stop people if that was the reason for it's creation. Mainly because that was a false narrative. I think if they were truly building the Pro to compete against the PC it would needed a closer jump like the X for that story to hold water.

DigitalRaptor365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

There are some fantastic points. I never thought about that ~15 million PS4 Pros capturing an audience that would be ready to invest in PS5 straight away.

It's also a smart and non-wasteful strategy for Sony to use checkerboard-rendering to achieve 4K rather than brute forcing it, and have it be affordable for a huge chunk of the market (being the same price as the original PS4). Sony already knows how expensive 4K screens are or if you're interested in VR you'll be spending at least $300, they don't want you having to spend and extra $100 where it's not necessary.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I mean on the surface it's a smart concept but the problem is you're also hurting the potential of PlayStation 5 by even advertising that software is going to exist on PlayStation 4 Pro.

So why should I buy a PlayStation 5 when PlayStation 4 Pro is playing all of the software?

Also how great do you think PlayStation 5 gamers are going to feel knowing that another system is actually holding back game development from maxing out the PlayStation 5? Do you think the base game being made on PlayStation 4 Pro is going to help any PlayStation 5 gamers? I would feel angry knowing that I'm playing a game that was technically made for a lesser system which again begs the question why should I buy PlayStation 5 when PlayStation 4 Pro is playing all of the same games? I want you to consider that I own a vanilla PlayStation 4 and as of right now I don't have that much interest in buying a pro in might not ever buy One.

In my personal opinion I believe the best thing they should do for PlayStation 5 is have their games fully 100% made to max out the actual system. I want to know that the game was made to take advantage of 10 teraflops I want to know that it maxed out the 100 Gig Ram or something crazy like that lol

Do you think I'm going to feel comfortable knowing that a bunch of games were held back for another system?

I'm buying PlayStation 5 to actually play PlayStation 5 made games not last generation games.

343_Guilty_Spark364d ago

Because maybe there wont be a traditional PS5.

All future games are just PS games.

They'll run with low settings on PS4
Run mid range on the Pro
and Run high settings on the PS5

No need to label the games PS5 games. They are just Playstation games.

When Sony decides to retire the original PS4, newer games will work on the Pro and the PS5.

S2Killinit365d ago

Either way the xboneX wont have long on the market.

ImGumbyDammit364d ago

What? It will be as long or longer than the Pro is on the market. It is a lot closer to the power of what we will see in any next gen. Further, it seems to be designed to be inline to Microsoft's future console plans of not being all about generations that break things. The X I think can easily continue to be sold as the base unit still providing gaming for the next gen content after release of Microsoft's next console. The Pro will not be able to do this. I suspect because of certain design decisions of the Pro, Sony will not be able to sell the Pro as low-end unit compatible to the PS5.

S2Killinit364d ago

I mean as a console with a reason to be purchased on the market. the xbox x is going to meet the next generation of consoles and when that happens, considering how little time it has had in the market as a console whose sole draw is that it is powerful, it will have a hard time justifying people to buy it. Of course its price would fall at that point but I don't see it get much traction in terms of support and games.

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DarXyde365d ago

Backwards compatible?

Un- bloody - likely. Even if the architecture remains the same, I think Sony is more interested in pushing PlayStation Now than offering backwards compatibility.

365d ago
DarXyde365d ago


That should be obvious. Now is a way to play PS3 games on PS4. Actually, it's the only way. I believe that once PS5 is released, it will have PS4 games available via Now. Sony spent a pretty penny on Gaikai and I'm sure they want to see big returns on their investment. I have a hard time believing they'll let you play PS4 games on PS5 for free. Simple as that.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Apparent by your disagrees and your flawed logic I don't really think you know what you're talking about PlayStation Now was created as a streaming service for people who want to play games being streamed.

Whether or not you own the games is actually irrelevant to the service so I'm not entirely sure how you got backwards compatibility from this service.... Also like many people have suggested how could you have backwards compatibility in regards to PlayStation now if PlayStation now also exist on the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation 3 games. So PlayStation Now was made to be backwards compatible to a system that already has native compatibility? Ooook

So why is game pass on the Xbox One? Xbox One already has backwards compatibility so is game pass for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One? 😂😂😂 I think you're exaggerating this a bit much as your conspiracy theory doesn't really make any sense because if that was the case they would have never made that program for PlayStation 3 in the first place. I mean why even remake Shadow of the Colossus or remaster the Uncharted collection or Journey or even the last of us if their goal was simply to sell you PlayStation Now? I mean why is PlayStation 3 even still for sale if that was their whole secret conspiracy? 🐸☕

Ju364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I really wonder, how much money MS makes from BC games one the XO. They basically need to touch and patch every single one. Send it through QA and also need to purchase (re)publishing rights. Yet, they don't make any money because you simply can't buy any of them. You either get them used for cheap or already have them. The marketing alone will not pay for all that effort. And, tbh, I had bought the whole gears series to to replay and I must say, it's not gonna cut it. Looking back, if you aren't a collector, those games are rather awful to play these days (well, not all of them, but quite a big number).

I can see this being easier for PS4 titles, though. Even with a new CPU, that could run on a virtual instance of the current - given the next gen will be so much faster and it will still be X86 based. While Sony has a patent for some HW tricks to 100% switch a CPU on the fly, my guess this is actually disabled in the Pro in the Performance Mode. I doubt this will be necessary when a PS5 releases.

DarXyde364d ago


Oh boy, here we go. I'll be break it up to make it easier, so stay with me here.

1. Disagrees don't mean I don't know what I'm talking about; in my experience on this site, it means people don't agree, dislike me, or don't want me to be right. In even thinking that my point is contingent upon the approval of others, your logic is flawed. Irony.

2. You don't really think I know what I'm talking about. Cool. I don't comment for your validation, nor do I consider what you might think of my opinion. I don't comment with you in mind, period (unless I'm replying to something you wrote).

3. Tell me exactly where I called PlayStation Now backwards compatibility. Neither of my posts are edited, so you know I'm not out to make you look more silly than you have done yourself. I very literally wrote, "Even if the architecture remains the same, I think Sony is more interested in pushing PlayStation Now than offering backwards compatibility." Those are my exact words. Verbatim. I very clearly differentiate between backwards compatibility and PlayStation Now. Let me help you understand. I state: "I think Sony is MORE INTERESTED IN PUSHING [PS Now] *THAN* [BC]. That was an incredibly clear delineation, but you somehow still misread that. Nice.

4. I, unlike you, will not jump to conclusions. I have no clue what you're trying to write here, so help me understand this mess:

"Also like many people have suggested how could you have backwards compatibility in regards to PlayStation now if PlayStation now also exist on the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation 3 games. So PlayStation Now was made to be backwards compatible to a system that already has native compatibility?"

Be more concise with this. I don't think you're articulating yourself well. I really don't understand what your argument is here.

5. No one is calling Game Pass backwards compatibility. Stop putting words in my mouth. How do seriously consider what you're writing a valid argument? No, game pass is not backwards compatibility. It's an optional service that allows you to play current and older games, but that is not the only way to play classics on your Xbox. In the case of PS4, if you want to play anything from a previous generation, YOU NEED TO REBUY IT. Xbox One is BC + Game Pass. PS4 is PS Now, which, while does not fit the accepted definition of backwards compatibility, is the only way to play older games on your PS4. I'll dive into this later.

DarXyde364d ago


7. I think you misread Sony's intentions with these remakes and remasters--which, by the way, cash in on nostalgia. Sony lost a sizable market share to their competitors last generation. Many of their games are very narrative. To answer your question, Sony knows that some people do not have the internet to support PS Now and some are very adamant in not spending a dime on the service (i.e., me). Now let's assume you never played those games. If you have the Uncharted collection, you're more likely to spend money on Uncharted 4. Shadow of the Colossus is argued by many to be PS2's greatest game, which is argued to be Sony's greatest console. Why wouldn't they remake it? The Last of Us is very narrative driven and we all had a very strong feeling that a sequel was being made. It's also a very highly acclaimed game. In most cases, these games are likely Sony's means of helping to fund sequels or recoup costs on projects that took far longer than expected (Shadow of the Colossus remake to offset The Last Guardian is another example). For the most part, I consider these types of projects either filler or bringing an audience to PS4 (i.e., Gravity Rush Remastered).

8. You ask why remake/remaster when it's also on PS Now? Because it's a matter of ownership and connect online to play. Again, it's probably, to a point, filler. But you're also talking about streaming in the original quality versus playing with enhancements. It's the same reason PS4 Pro exists: you can either play in the original quality or higher quality. Sony's actually doing things in a pretty genius manner: Appeal to the enhancement junkies of the modern generation and appeal to the nostalgia in people, but offer both at a price. Whether you remaster or stream, you're paying for it (unless you buy a remaster/remake used, but not every remaster/remake is available physically either).

9. PS3 is still available for people who want to own last-generation games, none of which are backwards compatible with PS2 anymore and good luck finding many PSOne games to take advantage of that BC at a fair price. But it's also a matter of convenience: how many people, at this point, are willing to buy a PS3 to play last generation games? Right now, all you need is a controller, a PC, and a PS Now subscription. You don't have to buy anything extra. You can buy desk at Walmart, get it the same day,and avoided shipping costs, but some people just prefer e-commerce. Convenience.

DarXyde364d ago


It's not that hard to see--Sony is likely moving away from backwards compatibility because it isn't profitable. They bought Gaikai with the expectation to make returns on their investment. The games they offer on Now for PS4 aren't any of their big games, probably because that would cut into PS4 sales. Just wait until next generation where we'll likely see many of their bigger PS4 games hit. And they'll likely do it. You know why? Because sales haven't slowed down. PS4 continues to dominate. Rightly so in my opinion. I love my PS4. But the companies take sales as feedback. Xbox's sales suffer and they don't have a steady stream of games coming out, so backwards compatibility for drought periods and to restore some consumer goodwill makes a lot of sense. Sony has no backwards compatibility, no comparative service to Game Pass, and Plus no longer guarantees beta access, but it costs more and it's necessary to play online. Sony is a for-profit company, EDMIX. If they can find a way to maximize their profits, they will. Offering the ability to play older games via a paid streaming service is a rich-man's solution to backwards compatibility, but here we are. In light of all of these things, I am *suggesting* PS5 will not be backwards compatible. What I believe is based on empirical evidence. You tell me: based on logic and rationale, why WOULD Sony allow backwards compatibility on PS5? Why do you disagree and feel that my prediction is incorrect?

_-EDMIX-_362d ago

Yea. I didn't read any of that.

1 backwards compatibility means your older games are compatible. You did not put in a PlayStation 3 game in a PlayStation 4 and use PlayStation Now to play the game there for by that fact alone it is not backwards compatible

2. PlayStation Now exist on PlayStation 3 which doesn't make any sense because how could you have something backwards compatible on a system that is natively compatible? So there's enough real evidence to show it was not made for backwards compatibility because for a fact it cannot do backwards compatibility I cannot put a game inside of it and it plays a format that the system doesn't ordinarily support.

So easy.


DarXyde362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

So I bother to address the problems in your reasoning and you just don't read it?

Cool. Stay informed. It's amusing that you just disagreed with me three times to say you didn't read it.

Ignorance is bliss. I see that I cannot help you. Had you read what I wrote, you'd understand why you sound like a fool.

Stay in the dark. You belong there.

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conanlifts365d ago

This is the model that I am hoping for. It is a good move for both companies. Plus a way to ensure that PS5 is not held back is to run ps4 pro games in 1080/30 with increased details. Meanwhile the ps5 would hopefully be 4k/60.

DarXyde365d ago


I don't know what Sony and Microsoft are thinking, but they are obsessed with resolution over frame rate. Sadly, so are their partners. There's a culture of pushing visual fidelity over practical performance and it's unfortunate.

I would love for PS5 to just be hammering out 4K/60fps games, but the power you'd need to accomplish that. This is the first generation where we're getting 1080p fairly reliably and now we're getting native 4K sometimes, but rarely. You need a monster PC right now to get those optimal results, so that isn't a very realistic standard yet. Will it be in 3 years? I still have my doubts.

OB1Biker365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Your point of view is interesting. I'm sure a few games will be cross gen when PS5. arrives and the Pro potential will be put to good use, no doubt. However I expect the PS5 will have games using its full potential too and therefore not playable on previous gen

subtenko364d ago

Thats fine because even though we could get a better system with ps5 now, I rather save the money longer and enjoy all the new games coming out on ps4, and also I want those last games at the end of the cycle to have a good while of playtime before next gen unless they add ps4 backwards compatibility. I bought playstation allstars and soon the ps4 came out and i pretty much ditched ps3 for ps4 completely.

thekhurg364d ago

You aren't going to have 30fps and 60fps versions of the same game on consoles. It's not going to happen.

Puertorock77364d ago

The only reason Sony (and we can include Microsoft) did this is to test of the waters the phone market is currently doing. Providing frequent marginal upgrades vice waiting 5+ years for a new console.

I can say so far it's a failure. You're project Pro will have 15 million sold by 2020. Not even close, try more like 9 million. Pro makes up around 20% of current PlayStation sales. With PS4 selling around 15 million per year that's 3 million Pro sales.

This mid gen refresh concept is a failure in my eyes. Creating the Pro financially took up as much if not even more as the standard PS4/slim when it comes to R&D, manufacturing and shipping yet it's only putting up a fraction of the numbers in terms of console sales. Slim makes up 80% of the sales, Pro 20% yet more money is invested in the Pro than the slim. How does that make sense.

More consumers are buying the Slim by a wide margin. For Pro to be successful it would have at least split purchases 60/40 where 40% would be pro. Only 20% is ridiculous.

It was a waste of time. What Sony should of done is only release the slim but made that powerful enough to run games at 1080p/60 with ultra setting vice the medium setting PS4 is currently stuck with and be priced at $300.

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Apocalypse Shadow365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

He didn't say anything new and is captain obvious again.

Sony always continues to manufacture hardware for as long as consumers will buy it in large numbers. It was that way with PS1, PS2 and PS3 and PSP.

Also, I expect PS5 to play PS4 games. But I don't expect PS4 Pro to play all the same games as PS5. What would be the point of upgrading when you can play the next gen titles on an older system? Right now, gamers like me didn't go out and buy a PS4 Pro because it's not that big of an upgrade and has the same gameplay. Same for Xbox one owners with One X.

Maybe it's just me, but I like seeing huge increases in A.I., physics models, weather simulations, lighting, etc that the previous gen can't do. I wouldn't want PS5 to be held back from PS4 Pro's processing power. Shinier graphics don't mean much to me. But destructive backgrounds, weather fronts, smarter NPC opponents and longer draw distances, etc do.

B1uBurneR365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

guys the uncanny valley is next. Are we ready for that? We might see a hint of it towards the end of this gen.

KickSpinFilter365d ago

uncanny valley has already existed for quite a while in games.

Ju365d ago

A problem of the PS5 will be how do you sell it if games look the same. Ai? How do you sell that? 60fps? Yes, but how do you show it.

It has to stand out against a PS4 (Pro). And most like what one can sell is visuals. And not resolution or framers but fidelity. 4k alone won't cut it. Live like visuals will, though.

And of course those other "words" will be good for stats but less so for marketing

andrewsquall364d ago

I agree with you, it would hold back their brand new next gen console. How are all of Sony's 1st party studios supposed to give us stunning next gen games with one arm tied behind their backs?

Vasto365d ago

That's the only way the are going to sell them.

Razzer365d ago

No.....this about PlayStation. Not Xbox. God knows what will sell Xbox. lol......but keep the faith. m'kay?

Vasto365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I don't need faith. Just need Nov 7 to hurry and get here. LOL

But try harder next time,

Phill-Spencer365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Don't get excited to quick for 1x beiing #1 on besteller list. There are many xbox 1 owners who want to leave x1(s) behind and forget about it asap. Once these guys are supplied with their "true 4k checkerboard beast", sales will die down instantly.

Razzer365d ago

lol....look at all those PSN gift cards! You know.....for games? No, I guess you wouldn't know. Too bad.

DigitalRaptor363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

@ Vasto

XB1S being a bestseller during the holidays also got the fanboys excited. Then sales for it dropped of a cliff in the new year. Don't hold your breath for it being any different for a more expensive version of that.

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UCForce365d ago

You don't need faith, but you need to be self control.

TKCMuzzer364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

You are aware the 'x' pre orders are good because people like you are so keen to jump ship from the standard Xbox one. Microsoft are relying on people like you, so at least your not letting them down.
The amount of owners of the Xbox one who go on about the 'beast' but at the same time fail to bemoan the lack of support for the machine they already own says it all really. You want to forget the Xbox one existed and thats the truth, on the plus side that's what Microsoft want aswell.

Vasto364d ago

Get your popcorn ready!

DigitalRaptor363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Is that what you said last year when XB1S seemed to be selling good... only for sales to drop off a cliff in the new year? I wouldn't get too bold about a more expensive version of the same console is selling only to the most hardcore niche segment of the market, and with very few new exclusive games coming out during the holiday season compared to last year.

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