PUBG: Exciting future plans revealed including progression systems and much more

There are some big things to come PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, including new progression systems, maps, vehicles and other changes.

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Sillicur245d ago

So very, very excited for this, especially the progression system and weapon skill system. Hoping it doesn't affect gameplay too much though, the devs are on the ball at least!

Adexus245d ago

I've stopped playing this as I'm just waiting for the final version now, can't wait for it! The new desert map and the vaulting system is really going to add an extra layer of quality to it.

JamesBondage243d ago

the new fog is sooo amazing, you should jump back in just to check it out :D

Adexus241d ago

Yeeeeeeeeah I went back on to check that out, looks fantastic, makes the island so eerie.

OoglyBoogly244d ago

Eh, them adding too much may result in the game becoming too complicated. It's sort of how DayZ got with all the crafting-ish and stuff they added.

This is suppose to be a Battle Royal title with short matches and everyone being on equal ground minus skill and who grabbed what first. Sounds more like they're trying to make it an MMO.

I mean, what they've been doing so far is OBVIOUSLY working so why screw with it now?

OMGitzThatGuy244d ago

Because it's in Alpha, thats why work continues. Stopping now will give all those stupid Early Access devs a excuse to do nothing once their game sells.