Ni No Kuni II’s Improved Combat Is Flat-Out Fun | Game Informer

Going hands-on with the game shows some promising changes to the battle system.

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PhoenixUp87d ago

I love the move towards more action oriented combat

Movefasta199387d ago

You didn't love the firsts game's combat system?it felt like an evolved Pokemon game I loved it

rezzah86d ago

I think the change is necessary because of the lack of "pokemon" creatures present during combat/the game. I forgot what they were called.

PhoenixUp87d ago

I liked it, I'll just like the sequel's combat better

Relientk7787d ago

Absolutely loved the first and getting this day one

Nyxus87d ago

Already have the King's Edition pre-ordered!

Atticus_finch87d ago

The first NNK made me fall in love. This looks to be better. 2018 will be insane