Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition discounted to under $20 on PS4 and Xbox One

The physical deluxe editions of Mass Effect Andromeda have been discounted to below $20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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MVGeneral208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

It's a good game. I seriously don't realise all the hate. Maybe hating on this is the "cool" thing to do.

But talk to anyone who has actually played/finished the game and they will tell you it's a good game. The visuals are flawed but it doesn't break the game. The gameplay is much better, the main story is mysterious and intriguing. And side missions albeit mostly tedious, except for the loyalty missions, are good (just don't do the boring, scan plants, mineral, planets, animals etc. Or the other snoozefest ones. Just do main missions and loyalty quests). You actually care about your new team. And you end up feeling like a powerful figure in a new galaxy, it makes you feel like a pathfinder who made the galaxy somewhat livable. Some tough decisions in the game that actually seems natural and not forced. Some of the consequences are not in the game but you can tell it will effect you in future installments.
At the end of the game I was left feeling like I want more. It's a shame this game got all the hate, because of it being EA. So people just slammed the minor flaws and blew it out of proportion. Game critics are also to blame. Because of that one lame racist dude who was in the development team.
Rip to a great franchise because the gaming community is toxic and can't give anything below 8/10 a chance.

babadivad209d ago

What is "Deluxe Edition"? As far as i know, there was no DLC for this game. Am I correct?

opinionated209d ago

Correct. I think it's a couple in-game trinkets and costumes. Like "casual ship suit" and a space monkey that chills in your room. Multiplayer tokens or some such nonsense.

Yes no dlc, there won't even be any updates. They closed that particular bioware studio down and cut their losses. 20 bucks is 20 bucks though, that's what it should have been sold at from the beginning. Fans of the series will certainly be disappointed but maybe they can stomach it for 20. I wouldn't show EA any support for it though, it's easily forgettable.

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Uglyday209d ago

Still haven't taken the plastic off my day one copy and probably will never play it.

LrryLegend209d ago

I paid 64.54 for it. Worth every penny.

philm87209d ago

Most underrated game of the year.

MVGeneral208d ago

I agree with you. I actually played and finished it and like the game. I want more.
It's sad that the people who bash the game are the ones who never played it. Just on the hate bandwagon.

Lonnie18209d ago

I couldn't even bare to finish the demo...sigh Mass Effect use to be really good.

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