Why I Need Xbox to Succeed

Player 2 looks at why the Xbox needs to be a successful business in the world of gaming and how important that success is.

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FallenAngel1984421d ago

Microsoft can start by releasing quality games all throughout the year more consistently rather than waiting towards the end of the year

MegamanXXX421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

That's going to be difficult for them until they invest in more first party studios

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JaguarEvolved421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Only fanatics needs Microsoft to be successful when you have other gaming companies doing a way better job in gaming. Some people are very gullible and willfully ignorant.

Remember the lies told by Microsoft like the power of the cloud makes the Xbox one a lot more powerful than any consoles available. 1 billion dollars invested in first party games. Dx12 advancements to make games perform and look a lot better than a lot of games.

A lot of silly gamers have convinced themselves that without 4k a game is now rubbish and having no exclusive titles unique to your gaming platform is very good.

Goldby421d ago


MS is working on their version of a Horizon game, there was a job posting for it a few months ago

Kingthrash360421d ago

Infected ...
They spent that 1 billion plus another 1.5 billion on mojang....and did absolutely nothing with it.

darthv72420d ago

"They won’t give 343i the freedom to make a game outside of Halo." interestingly enough the name 343i is named for 343 Guilty Spark... a halo reference for a studio tasked with making halo games... imagine that.

"The won’t let The Coalition make a game outside of Gears." technically they have made 1 Gears game and it is Gears 4. Gears ultimate is a remaster project but the bulk of the work was already done for them by Epic. they just cleaned it up for the xbo.

come on infected... you got to do better than that. Hell, i can pose the same thing back at sony. They wont let Polyphony Digital make games other than GT. And i would LOVE to see PD make a new Omega boost. Guerilla did a fine job taking a break from Killzone to make horizon but now they may get stuck making horizon games moving forward and leaving killzone fans wondering if there will be a KZ4.

some times studios get shoehorned into making games in a series because they are good at it. I too wish some of these companies would branch out and take more risks but then again i am glad they continue to do so well on what they know that it means keeping a series or franchise alive with new content and ideas.

FinalFantasyFanatic420d ago


True, but you need competition to keep everyone honest, otherwise they drag their feet and we'd get terrible games/consoles/handhelds. Microsoft have really dicked up this gen, not because it's console has bad hardware, but because of the decisions surrounding it. If they didn't do reasonably well last gen, PS4 may have not been as good as it is this gen. Even the Nintendo had to pick up their game after their failure that was the WiiU, it's Microsoft's turn to step it up now.

TheSaint420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Games MS, games.

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FallenAngel1984421d ago

Microsoft also need to handle their internal first party studios even better. The majority of them work on only one franchise. This even caused their previous star developer, Bungie, to leave.

0Day421d ago

Yeah seriously, thank god they moved to Activision, to continue to work on only one franchise.....

And here's your sign.

FallenAngel1984420d ago

It's still different from having to work only on Halo for the rest of their entire existence

Bungie can still make another new IP once their partnership is up with Activision

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FallenAngel1984420d ago

@ Trump

Amazon bought Double Helix and has done f all with them. They aren't as dedicated to videogames as they are with just selling them.

Apple already tried to enter the console market and failed with Pippin. Nowadays they'd be complacent with their iOS platform than to make another dedicated gaming platform

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seanpitt23421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

My fist ever console was the Nintendo then snes and then megadrive but I am a PlayStation guy always have been although I did by a Sega Saturn first but lets not get into that.

I would love Microsoft to do well with the xbox one x and sell millions because it's good for gaming and I think sony as had it too easy this generation. They have got lazy and have made decisions that they would of never had done if Microsoft was breathing down their neck for e.g putting the ps plus up.

Competition is good for everyone and it's good for gaming as a whole.

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