EA Finally Cracks Battlefield 1 Into The Competitive Arena With Their New 'Incursions' Mode

E-sports is growing at a rapid pace. With a ton of games trying to make their way into the competitive scene, EA has also been trying their best to get into the e-sports scene. We’ve seen EA try to get into the e-sports scene with previous titles as well. However, it seems like EA is finally trying something new to allow fans to get a hold of the game competitively.

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SlightlyRetarted303d ago

You have to build the game for competitive gaming in mind, not having it as an after thought. Try making skill based shooting mechanics and vehicles, before trying to be a competitive game. BF1 is the most casual Battlefield to date and they are trying to shoe horn it to an e-sport. Even BF4 would be a better candidate.

SuperbVillain303d ago

still waiting for a mode like defuse