Dragon Ball FighterZ: Trailer 5 Features Android 21

The heroes in Dragon Ball are once again in a predicament as a new threat has emerged – Android 21.

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Game4r332d ago

So curious on what her backstory is!!

Tech5332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@ 0:41 - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.

tayz332d ago

wonder why they left out tien and yamcha in the trailer

CorndogBurglar331d ago

Tien is cool. Yamcha is terrible.

ClanPsi1331d ago

What are you talking about? They're both there at 2:18.

Kyosuke_Sanada331d ago

Still waiting for the Yamcha reveal trailer........

CorndogBurglar331d ago

Why? The match starts and he instantly dies. Who wants to play as him?

Pookandpie331d ago

I am not sure what this Yamcha is... but it sounds disappointing. Just like Raditz.

Kyosuke_Sanada331d ago


I know Yamcha has become the punching bag of the series and I have no excuse to say that he would even be powerful enough to run with the other fighters but he has always been my favourite character since the original Dragonball. I'm going to be in the minority of the online players who chose Yamcha as their main instead of trolling purposes.

I don't know what happened after the Saibaman incident but it likes Toriyama had a grudge against him ever since.....

SarcasticDuck331d ago

tbh Baby Pan would be a better use of a slot! lmao

CorndogBurglar331d ago

I would say Yamcha is Toriyama's least favorite character but that wouldn't be true. He has said before that Vegeta is his least favorite. Which is asinine because everyone knows Vegeta is the greatest DB character there is.

CorndogBurglar331d ago

Do you play Dokkan Battle, by chance? I thought that April Fool's Yamcha event they did was hysterical. Two SSR versions of Yamcha that were horrible. And they just showed his corpse as the picturd if you transcended him to UR level. Friggin' hysterical.

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