TGS 2017: New Final Fantasy XV Universe Reveals September Update and Teases Future Content

Almost 10 months later and the Final Fantasy XV Universe continues to evolve on a monthly basis. Square Enix is here to remind you what all the FFXV Universe has and briely teases of what the future has to offer.

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-Foxtrot369d ago

More? Urgh...this Universe thing needs to stop. No matter how much you add to the world it's not going to fix the story problems it's just going to make them worse as it means the only way to enjoy or understand the plot of FFXV fully is to read, watch, listen, play everything on different forms of media. At the end of the day the Universe building should have been within the game and then added onto it...not filling in sink holes post game.

I'd rather they focus on FFXVI

DarkOcelet369d ago

I am pretty sure they have another team making FFXVI already. Besides, they are adding more story free content (Which should have been there from the first place) but it's better than adding nothing and leaving the game as it is.

One thing we can both agree on is that they should have completed the whole story then released the game even if it was gonna be released in 2018 by the time the PC version arrives.

InKnight7s367d ago

Which story is for free? 10 minutes of gladious and tweaks? There is alooooooooooot left and and potantials wasted in this game.

_-EDMIX-_369d ago

Again, what is this obsession with this either or?

For all you know they've had another team working on Final Fantasy 16 for years. This isn't a either or, you legit can't understand that both could happen at once? Did Battlefront 1 not have DLC being worked on while Battlefield 1 is being developed?

Different teams, both irrelevant to each other.

-Foxtrot369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Do you really care? I mean really? You nit pick and dissect everyone's comments taken them literally.

What I meant is make the FFXVI team bigger to get it out quicker, smaller team means it moves forward a lot slower....did that cross your mind? Why not? It can be one or another explanation you know /s

_-EDMIX-_368d ago

"I'd rather they focus on"

Is that supposed to be figuratively? Your comments just don't make any sense, it does not need to be an either-or if you consider different teams focus on that

Square Enix is not one single team. The teams they hire to focus on DLC will always only focus on DLC which means if you make that team bigger you could still always hire another team to make DLC, you're literally just going to get a never-ending cycle of the same thing lol

I mean did you not sit down and really think about this? You're going to keep running around in the same loop.

It's not a either or

Adrian_v01367d ago

Not entirely true. While it was still called versus XIII it is known that they've pulled people from the vXIII team to work on the sequels of XIII. The amount of staff they have isn't unlimited either.

Tech5369d ago

here's a good question. which game is more complete, MGSV or FFXV?

Nara_shikamaru367d ago

Business division 2 (the team that made this game) is at the forefront on the business. They are the team that will most likey make FF16 and Tabata will most likely direct it or at the very least co-direct it.

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GamesMaster1982367d ago

Excellent game can't wait for more.

343_Guilty_Spark367d ago

Lol it’s not excellent by any atretch

GamesMaster1982366d ago

Maybe to you bud its not, but to me and many others its excellent. DEAL WITH IT.

raWfodog366d ago

Glad to see developers continuing to support their games. I like FFXV and am waiting for Ignis' DLC to drop before I play them all. right now, I'm just wandering the world completing missions and enjoying the combat.