Xbox One X Game install sizes to be 30% bigger

The high, high definition world of the 4K resolution Xbox One X is going to take a big toll on your hard drive.

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darthv72300d ago

30% isnt much in the grand scheme of things. Especially when you can uninstall stuff you dont want taking up room.

SlappingOysters300d ago

I disagree. 30% is huge and removing and reinstalling stuff is time consuming and not user-friendly. However, I can't see any alternative if you want 4K assets.

Godmars290300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Darthv, do you even math?

You're talking a third more space requirement for current games when people are complaining about 1TB HDD.

And what about when 8K rolls around? Aren't they talking about 15K besides?

Summons75300d ago

30% is going to make a big difference. Halo 5 alone is 90gbs to download as it is, you add 30% to that it's around 117gbs (give or take I'm rounding). To install, then delete, then redownload 117gbs is INSANE. 90 is already ridiculous. Even if you have physical it's still going to take forever to install.

Vhampir299d ago

I'd say 30% is a minimum estimate. 4k takes up 4 times the amount of space for video and textures that 1080p would. If developers even put the work in. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, for instance, has 23 gigabytes of video files. If they rendered those cutscenes in-engine, it would drop the size by 90-95%. So there are ways to cut download sizes. Could always buy physical media. Then again, 1-gig+ download speeds could make it all a non-issue.

darthv72299d ago

All the talk about 4k assets makes it seem that a game would be double if not triple its original size. So 30% really isnt as bad as people think. It's def better than 50-60%+

Godmars290299d ago

You're talking about a 30% increase versus nothing. You don't have a 4k set you're giving up HDD space for nothing. That its not a grater sacrifice for nothing w/o 4k is little condolence.

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SlappingOysters300d ago

How hard is it to do a 4TB hard drive nowadays?

blackblades300d ago

For internal it could but the hdd makers gotta make a 2.5 size hdd of 4tb if possible. From what I heard 3.5 would make the system hotter or something which why they don't have a 3.5 hdd internal but external support. I'm just saying from what I read on the internet so I'll probably be wrong. Idk someone correct.

DivineAssault 299d ago

Considering the console is already $500 plus whatever games you get, thats an inconvenient expense.. Also if they buy a 4K tv then youre looking at a huge expense for a home console..

FallenAngel1984300d ago

Of course there was going to be a tradeoff.

Hence why I'll continue to roll with base consoles

MegamanXXX300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

That's not good better have a bigger hard drive

Bigpappy300d ago

I am shock by all the concerns and those who are very surprised and outraged that 4k games and textures would somehow require more space than 900p and 1080p games.

_LarZen_300d ago

Not everyone understands that bigger textures equals biggger files.

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The story is too old to be commented.