The 3DS' 3D Functionality Never Really Mattered

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

The 3DS has proven to be a stellar platform in the 6+ years it’s been on the market. Having sold 67 million units and counting, it’s definitely fair to call the little handheld a decent success. Even so, things haven’t always been positive. The 3DS got off to a pretty bad start at launch and it took a few months for Nintendo rectify the situation. What was the main issue? It was considered to be ‘too expensive’. But, why? Well, all because of the 3D-functionality; the system’s core feature. In retrospect, making 3D the core part of the handheld was probably not the best move for Nintendo.

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PhoenixUp364d ago

It mattered and was utilized well in certain games

The 10th Rider364d ago

Yeah, it really helped with depth perception in Super Mario 3D Land. Going from 3D Land on 3DS to 3D World on Wii U was difficult.

Still, overall I think they would have been better without the 3D aspect.

Venox2008364d ago

I love 3D of 3DS even till now

superchiller364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

It was a gimmick, didn't really add anything to gameplay and the effect was poorly implemented in the original 3DS and XL due to the very narrow area where your eyes could perceive the 3D. Unfortunately Nintendo is always searching for gimmicks in their gaming hardware, to differentiate themselves, and those gimmicks degrade the gaming experience, rather than enhancing it. Look at the Wii and Wii U for other examples of this exact problem, both systems were built entirely around gimmicks that really weren't good at all.