Super Lucky's Tale Is A Simple And Gorgeous Platforming Exclusive On Xbox One X (TSA)

TSA writes: "One unexpected surprise from back at E3 this year was the announcement of Super Lucky’s Tale, bringing one of the best received VR games from the launch of the Oculus Rift to the more conventional world of gaming on a TV. This is an Xbox One and PC exclusive, but not only that, it’s an Xbox One X launch title."

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Liqu1d300d ago

"Exclusive on Xbox One X"

"This is an Xbox One and PC exclusive"

Do people really not know what an exclusive is anymore?

AspiringProGenji300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Do you have to keep explaining that still?

Kingthrash360299d ago

Yes it's not an exclusive so stop calling them that....if they gunna keep saying exclusives people like me gunna keep saying it's not...because it's not.

darthv72299d ago

The flaw in the title is saying "Exclusive to Xbox one X" because it can also be played on the regular xbo. They should reword it to "Exclusive to Xbox One" which covers the platform in general.

Babadook7299d ago

"Console" exclusive. Probably "Timed" exclusive too.

bouzebbal298d ago

i like this game.
looks good i love platformers, just seems a bit too easy.

WilliamSheridan298d ago

Yeah they should really stop calling it that... Oh yeah and Sony should stop calling Street Fighter and its other PC games and Indies exclusives also... Damn you guys!

morganfell298d ago

"Do you have to keep explaining that still?"

Looks at headline,,,apparently so.

pinkcrocodile75298d ago

Simple, reword it to say "No available on Playstation" or "Not available on Xbox".

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WePlayDirty300d ago

but..but.. can you play it on Playstation?

Kingthrash360299d ago

Nope...but I can play it on pc. Thus not exclusive.

WePlayDirty299d ago


I would differentiate between ‘exclusive’, and ‘console exclusive’. MS is really bad about muddling the word.

darthv72299d ago

thrash, the PC is a neutral platform. In fact (aside from dev kits) pretty much ALL games are made on PC. Hence why it gets omitted from the context of exclusive arguments.

DigitalRaptor299d ago

Maybe one day, but PlayStation isn't hurting for quality platformers, so it's okay.

DJStotty298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

And why o why kingthrash is the fact that it might be on PC such a massive concern to you?

As far as i am concerned it is exclusive to xbox one and PC as they are essentially the same platform

If by going by your statement, i could just get PSNow and play PS4/PS3 exclusives on my PC, so what's your argument?

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

But the term platform exclusive simply means it's only available on one platform.

This doesn't need to not come to PlayStation to not be an exclusive.

This game coming to PC automatically makes it not an exclusive because that is another platform.

butchertroll298d ago


Nice try, Xbone fan! PC and Xbone are different platforms, despite Windows. For PS4/PS3 games, you don't owned them, you borrowed them via PC.

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Septic299d ago

Lol please for his sake..stop calling it that.

mandingo299d ago

You can't get it on ps4. That's what it means and thats what its meant for quite a while now. If you haven't realized that by now then you are trolling

yeahokwhatever299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I can fly. What I mean by that is I can walk.

ocelot07299d ago

So it's a "Not available on PS4 exclusive"? I wonder if Microsoft are going to start printing that on the box.

DigitalRaptor299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

The article's headline is at odds with the content, which is weird. It's honestly like saying:

"I watched Star Wars VII last night - check out my review..."
"...well actually, it was Star Trek VII".

darthv72298d ago

@ocelot... well if it works for sony it can work for MS. Street fighter v says right on the case "PS4 console exclusive"

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343_Guilty_Spark299d ago

Xbox is the only console it’s on.

badz149299d ago

yea...but it's definitely not "A Simple And Gorgeous Platforming Exclusive On Xbox One X" like the article is saying now isn't it?

pinkcrocodile75298d ago

It's pretty and nice to look at but "Gorgeous" will be reserved for Ori and the Will of the Wisps when that drops next year

Chano299d ago

"Do people really not know what an exclusive is anymore?" everyone knows what console exclusivity is. It means it only runs in one console. PC is not a console. This isn't even hard to comprehend it's silly as heck, games that are for ps4 and pc still means it's exclusive to ps4 since it's the only console to run it. Ay ya yai people these days try too hard to hate when they see "exclusive" and "xbox" mentioned together. Anywho the title does say exclusive to one x which is wrong because an xbox one game works for all xbox consoles it should've just said xbox one exclusive but I'm sure we all understood that.

DJStotty298d ago

Its because people want to believe in their tiny little simple minds that "xbox has no gamezzzz" and "Sony is the only console with exclusives"

When indeed neither statement is anywhere near the truth

B1uBurneR299d ago

Its like asking people to stop saying Xbox doesn't have any games.

Tko1111299d ago

I play NIOH on my pc but it’s an exclusive on console to ps4. When consoles say exclusive it means other consoles don’t have it. PC does not and will never compete with consoles therefore stop using pc as an excuse to exclusivity

298d ago
DJStotty298d ago

Exactly well said. Because with PC you can get every single game released for any platform EVER through emulation.

So in reality their is no "exclusive" on earth

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

Lol when lying goes terribly wrong

fathertime4464298d ago

So sorry consol exclusive. So sorry it has to be spelled out for people like you

Liqu1d298d ago

And yet you spelled it wrong.

EatCrow298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Nope. They know. For instnace....the chance to win an xbox promotion is excluisve to doritos and mountain dew...that is exclusive.

We are gonna be able to play playstation titles via psnow on pc...that doesnt mean it stops being exclusive to playstation consoles and ps now. Simply means it is now exclusive to a broader audience.

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DrumBeat298d ago

It's a Microsoft exclusive.

spreadlove298d ago

The new meaning of exclusive now means, not available on the direct competitor. Is Nier exclusive since it is also available on PC?

itsmebryan298d ago

If they just said " console exclusive" maybe the haters would stop nit picking. Smh

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

Exactly I find it utterly hilarious that the damn articles own words contradict its own title.

drunkenspy007298d ago

true, xb1x doesn't have any exclusives, it just has fans who want to believe otherwise

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PhoenixUp300d ago ShowReplies(3)
Kribwalker300d ago

Looks like a great platformer. Can't wait to give it a go on launch day

Kingthrash360299d ago ShowReplies(12)
Exvalos298d ago Show
MegamanXXX300d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PC

Kribwalker299d ago

And with it being play anywhere you can play it on your Xbox you have been playing halo 5 on too

Stogz298d ago Show
choujij299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I'll probably give it a whirl on my PC also.

"And with it being play anywhere you can play it on your Xbox you have been playing halo 5 on too".

lol Halo 5. I used to really enjoy the Halo series, and even went to many tournaments back in the day. But since Halo 4, I stopped enjoying the series. I will be picking up Destiny 2 though.

Kribwalker299d ago

I’m playing destiny 2, 239 light level right now, but if you enjoyed halo 3 multiplayer you would love halo 5 multiplayer. That and titanfall are the 2 best FPS Multiplayer games this gen IM0. Destiny is great with the loot system and the PVE is a lot of fun, but the arena mode on halo 5 is amazing

EatCrow298d ago

Halo 5 is pretty cheap now i think.
If youre into MP give the arena a go. You wont be disappointed. Its frankly my favourite competitive fps apart from counter strike.

DJStotty298d ago

I liked Halo 5 personally, Destiny 2 is also a massive improvement on the 1st so you should pick it up.

Currently tackling the final boss of the raid at the mo lol