Vanillaware, Makers of Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown, Is Hiring Staff For An Unannounced Project

Vanillaware is hiring a total of 2 programmers and 2 designers for upcoming projects. One is the already announced 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, while the other is still unknown.

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333d ago
thatguyhayat331d ago

Love the art style these guys do. Dragons crown had sooo much fun. Still need to get odins sphere

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awdevoftw331d ago

Very good news. Vanillaware has been one of the best artistic game developers for some time now. Can't wait!

darthv72331d ago

I'm excited to learn more. on a side note... I'd love for them to do an awesome compilation of princess crown, odin sphere, murimasa and dragon's crown on one disc. That would be total fan service right there.

Fullmetalevolust329d ago

I want to see Princess Crown get an HD remake or revamp, or just translate it. It deserves the same treatment as Odin Sphere. Too bad the Saturn version never got a translation.
I'd like to see their psp rpg, grand knights history , see a re-release on vita/ps4 with translation.

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