Call Of Duty: WW2 Box Art Reveals Xbox One X Support; Microsoft Have Yet To Confirm It In Their List

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like COD: WW2 will get Xbox One X support after all but Activision and Microsoft have still not confirmed it."

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Neonridr301d ago

well it would seem silly if an Xbox One X game didn't at the bare minimum get the PS4 Pro treatment.

DiceAndRice301d ago

The silly thing in all this is that neither Microsoft or Activision will confirm it even after the "leak" if you even want to call it that?

I don't even think it's a leak.

Neonridr301d ago

well.. Sony has the marketing deals with Activision for Call of Duty and Destiny along with EA for Battlefront. So maybe they don't want to promote the Xbox version as being the best since all the commercials are tied to the PS4.

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freshslicepizza301d ago

"I think it's because Sony has not only marketing deals but *exckusive content deals with Destiny and COD, which is why we haven't seen any comments on if the X will support either. There will be support - just like there was PS4 Pro support for Battlefield 1 when Xbox had the advertising rights."

Yup, it's probably a hush policy where they are not allowed to talk about it. That's ok, sites like Digital Foundry will do their own analysis.

darthv72301d ago

Even more interesting is if all the advertising footage was from an X instead of a Pro. Activision is going to want the best possible screenshots and clips to promote this game.

andrewsquall301d ago

@Neonridr Of course that is the case. Its just like with COD Ghosts in October 2013 when it was confirmed from previews that the game was 1080p on PS4 and 720p on Xbone. Because Microsoft held the marketing deal back then, it wasn't talked about in any advertisements or marketing materials. Its the same case here.
Of course the game is going to be better looking on X, why wouldn't it be?

@darthv72 Why would it be on X? Just like with COD Ghosts, COD WWII will be promoted with the best looking version which is the PC version lol.

81BX300d ago

Makes perfect sense. Why negate that deal

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TheUndertaker85301d ago

Likely because of the existing deal between Sony & Activision. Wouldn't want to tell people there's a superior version compared to a platform that is boasting superiority from the same publisher for the same game.

DiceAndRice301d ago

I hope they do confirm it before release, it's not fair to the customer who might think it's not getting the Xbox One X support.

4Sh0w301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Any customer interested in X will know, any customer who knows X will be the most powerful console on the market in Nov will know, any customer who upgraded from ps4 to the pro will know. The only customers who might not know are super casual gamers who dont care about the latest visuals and they aren't the target audience I don't think their silence will have much of an impact.

2pacalypsenow301d ago

Even if it was the other way around they wouldn't say that. You don't see ad's saying get the best version on PC, and even last gen when some games performed better on the 360, they didn't advertise it. And since MS cannot mention the game, it wont come from them or Activision.

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andrewsquall301d ago

Why wouldn't it have X support? We didn't know that COD Ghosts on PS4 was 1080p over Xbone's 720p until leaks of the game in October 2013. Microsoft held the marketing stuff for that game back then, of course Activision weren't going to talk about the PS4 version being superior and they most certainly didn't hold back the PS4 version just like they won't be holding back the XboneX version of the newest COD.

And who cares if it isn't on Microsoft's "list". There are games on that list that don't even have solid release dates yet, hell, there are even games on that list that are in development hell like Below, a game we haven't seen a screenshot of in 18 months.

Here is a list of all the games that support PS4 Pro so far and its about 180 games at least Note that this list, unlike Microsoft's list, DOES NOT include every exclusive game for PS4 that ISN'T out yet. We know that pretty much ever upcoming game for PS4 will have Pro enhancements of some kind. I'm not sure why people give so much bizarre credit for this "Microsoft list" of X enhanced games.

If we did include every single PS4 console exclusive and other random games like Kingdom Come Deliverance, of course this list of PS4 Pro supported games would be easily 100 higher than it already is.

Condemnedman301d ago

I don't think it will take long for Ms to overtake that amount on Sonys list they are not far behind and it's not even out yet

andrewsquall300d ago

No they aren't. There is NOWHERE the amount of games released on Xbone in 2017 as there were on PS4 and there is nowhere near as much Xbone console exclusive games coming as there is upcoming PS4 console exclusive games. Its statistically impossible. But that's what happens when one console has literally 500 more games available for it.

Why do I have to tell you again that there are games on Microsoft's 100 XboneX enhanced list that aren't even out in 2017 but there are even some with NO CONFIRMED release dates yet. Have you any idea how many games are coming to PS4 that are exclusive AND that are 3rd party releases? What, you think Kingdom Come Deliverance won't have enhancements for PS4 Pro?
I will say this again too for your benefit. If the list of PS4 Pro enhanced games I linked to earlier here included all or EVEN ONE upcoming game, it would be a number much larger than 180, lets just say 250 and that's still over double the games XboneX will have by April next year.

But please, tell me again the complete opposite with nothing to back up your claims.

Automatic79301d ago

Over 130 titles confirmed to support Xbox One X. Next month over 150.

andrewsquall300d ago

Don't forget most of those games aren't even out in 2017. Imagine what PS4's list is like with all their upcoming 100% exclusives and console exclusives AND 3rd party games.

Even Below, a game that is currently stuck in development hell is on that XboneX list. That says it all really.

DigitalRaptor300d ago

They'll take what they can get. Most will.

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