Microsoft has lined up plenty of indie games for the Xbox One X

Microsoft doesn't have a ton of exclusive games coming for the November 7 launch of the Xbox One X game console. But it does have a lot of independent games coming via its indie games self-publishing label, [email protected]

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timotim300d ago

MS has a history of working with Indies. They were the first ones to embrace indies on a large scale with Xbox 360's indie program where anyone could make a game and deploy it through the service. Today, Microsoft has [email protected] and many of there Xbox Play Anywhere titles for PC and console come through this program like Ruiner, Super Lucky's Tale, Songbringer, Dungeon Bros, Thimbleweed Park and Cuphead. This is nothing new for Microsoft.

On that note though, as long as the games are good, its all that matters. I don't care if its indie or AAA, I just want to play a good game. Ashen is said to have a 20 hour SP campaign...that's more that most AAA games haha. When Hellblade released, I didn't hear gamers saying "I don't care because its indie", most people enjoyed it. At the end of the day, lets be gamers first.

rainslacker299d ago

Actually Sony did this on a large scale on the PS1. Just that the small indie studios still didn't have an outlet due to disc publishing costs, although the notion of a small dev like we know them today was different between the 2600 and Saturn. All those simple series games, which didn't carry that moniker in the west, were all from indie devs. Digital distribution changed this, and MS can be credited for being first on console to have a indie program like this. Half the games released before PS1 were usually made by indie devs, but usually published by a major publisher. The other half were gradually released by publishers in house development teams.

Internal300d ago

Buys $499 console, expects to play indies.

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goken299d ago

don't get me wrong, there are plenty of fun and great indie games around. but let's just say indie games aren't exactly big on the visuals.
so ya buying the most power console ever to play indie games... very smart

Pantz300d ago

Please keep those on the Nintendo Switch.

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arkard300d ago

Well indies aren't real games according Xbox one fans since the start of this generation.

sk8ofmnd300d ago

Very true... And those same gamers are trash talking destiny 2 and saying things like "halo clone" lol if halo was more like destiny it wouldnt be sitting in the bargain bin across the world... Its only when i listen to pro xbox podcasts and hear them praise the game do i know they arent full of complete shit

goken299d ago

well at least on indie games they shouldn't have a problem hitting 'true 4k' lol

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