Xbox One X Enhanced Interview

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Major Nelson speaks to Albert Penello from the Xbox team about the Xbox One X Enhanced program, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR.

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KionicWarlord222150d ago

Damn thats some crazy support for the DA X.

By launch it probably be like 160 titles.

This is quite a feat by Emperor Phil and the Xbox team.

The journey to gamer glory begins .

Bring on DA X!

WePlayDirty149d ago

“Damn that’s some crazy support for the DA X”.

Yes. Support is pretty good.

“By launch it probably be like 160 titles”

Mabye. We shall see.

“This is quite a feat by Emperor Phil and the Xbox Team”.

Sure, but Wouldn’t call him an ‘emperor’. More like an employee.

“The Journey to gamer glory begins”

What is gamer glory?

“Bring on DA X!”

Obligatory obnoxiousness.

bolimekurac149d ago

more like vice pres of gaming and on the board with his new promotion, more of a boss then a typical employee but technically your correct

KionicWarlord222149d ago

Lol this fool called Phil Spencer a employee.

He got promoted above his boss Terry Myerson who was a Vice President.

Now Phil spencer Vice president of ALL XBOX GAMING is the Emperor of Xbox and speaks directly to Sataya Nadella.


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TFJWM149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


"Lol this fool called Phil Spencer a employee. "

Does he own MS? Does he not have a boss he answers too? Calling him an employee makes more sense than calling him "Emperor Phil"

Edit: He is not on the board of directors is he?

SojournUK149d ago

Lol, took the words right out of my mouth.

Razzer149d ago

Yes, he is an employee. Your delusions are getting out of hand dude.

optimus149d ago

There goes N4G taking everything to the literal sense again. Phil is obviously not an Emperor just like Major Nelson isn't really a Major. He just gave him that "moniker" because of Phil's status with the Xbox division. He's pretty much overseeing everything Xbox related. Sure he has bosses but those bosses aren't really involved with Xbox development.

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andrewsquall149d ago

How will it be 160 "by launch"??? Games like State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, i.e. games without even solid release dates and then others like Kingdom Come Deliverance and even a game in development hell like Below, can't be added to this list of "over 100 enhanced games" again. They are already on the list and there are many more games that even aren't out yet on that list.

Yet this week on PS4 we have already had brand new game announcements at TGS like Left Alive simply adding even more to PS4 Pro's Xbox style "potential" list of games and future games with enhancement support. Should we add all these new exclusive PS4 games at TGS to the total PS4 Pro enhanced games too? Because if Microsoft's list is allowed to fool you like that, should Sony release one too?

Where do you people come up with these myths such as "crazy support" when it comes to anything Xbox?

WeebLord149d ago

This stuff reminds me of the "Greatness awaits" crap in 2013/2014. Xbox One X is a decent deal for the kind of hardware it's packing, games will run at a higher resolution and I'm sure most people who end up with one will be very happy. I would even go so far to say, I'm happy you're this happy for something but having a little bit of an impartial outlook definitely helps when the reality sinks in.

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Automatic79149d ago


Well said an incredible amount of developers showing Xbox One X love. I can honestly say based on what I am seeing, one thing has changed with the X. Developers do not care about market leader, they will showcase and utilize the power if you give them the tools. Great job team Xbox.

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Cupofjoe149d ago

What nothing has changed just like pro old games getting patches nothing devs are doing diff come off the cloud a bit

chris235149d ago

wrong. people don't care about ideologies. at first they care about what provides the most fun to them. a xoxbox without exclusives is like a brick to non brand loyal people. they will not make much new customers, which is very bad for them.

timotim149d ago

That's pretty impressive. One things for sure, those of us getting X wont have a shortage of games that take advantage of our shiny new 4K console.

jmetalhead77812149d ago

Yup. Got F7, Super Lucky's Tail, Cuphead, and AC Origins pre ordered. Never played Witcher 3, but got it in sale with all the DLC for $20. Just got my 75" KS9000. My wife's going on a business trip for 3 weeks in the beginning of November. She might come home to me dead with the biggest f'ing smile she's ever seen

jmetalhead77812149d ago


Maybe... but I don't worry about shit like that

sd11148d ago

what a douche comment.


Enjoy your xbox X and the time you get to play it.

andrewsquall149d ago

PS4 currently has more enhanced games and if we were to include every exclusive, console exclusive and some 3rd party games coming up to the console, you know like Xbox has with their "over 100 enhanced games list", it would be even higher than this list Note, this list is only of games currently out now.

But we aren't counting games that don't have release dates on PS4 as being enhanced games, not even the ones that DO have release dates. So why is it different for Xbox even when they have games in development hell like Below or Crackdown 3 in there list, that its "pretty impressive"???

WeebLord149d ago

One is marketing material, the other is a resource created by fans? Maybe we can hope that MS puts pressure on Sony so I don't need to use a web browser to figure out what has been enhanced for my Pro? Games like Everybody's Golf and Nioh benefit from making the choices clear, resolution or framerate and show you the end result. I should not have to hunt for a breakdown of what has changed, although Kudos to the developers who do take the time to post the enhancements in the patch notes feature on the PS4.

andrewsquall149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Its on all the PS4 games' cases that came out since Pro launched last year.

They announced the XboneX 1 year and 3 months ago. Its easy to do up a rough list, yet again I must point out even Xbox's biggest exclusive upcoming games State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and Seas of Thieves each have very rough Early 2018/2018 release dates. Maybe Microsoft shouldn't have though. Its sort of a given that every single game released from November 2017 onward is going to have some kind of XboneX enhancement,

PS4 Pro was announced and released 2 months later, there wasn't as much time to sit around and scratch your head on how you were going to treacle out info for it.

And I don't see a list by Microsoft that is ANYTHING like the work that neogaffer put in. Here is the list from August with very vague details on any games.
Here is actual work from another neogaffer with details on what is confirmed with XboneX enhancements in game such as clearly labeled "NATIVE 4K" wording

I guess you have to still hunt for a breakdown on the internet of what has actually changed even with XboneX games.

timotim149d ago

Why is it that everytime a fanboy responds to one of my posts, it's about some pissing contest that boils down to "my brand is better than yours"???

How does anything I said have anything to do with Sony and PS? I said nothing about them. My comment was towards gamers getting X, not a shot at Sony. Understand that the console isn't even out yet and already it has over 130 enhanced titles in the works...if I'm a gamer looking to buy an X (which I am), that list would be really nice to be aware of, no?

You come off as very insecure. The amount of enhanced titles Pro currently has for a console that's been on the market for almost a year now is not interested in a Pro! For some reason that upsets you that Microsoft is making know all titles known... why shouldnt they...I WANT TO KNOW! Which console has the highest amount of enhanced titles for some pissing contest is neither here nor there to me...

sd11148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Just curious. The hdr games in the list. Do they only have HDR or do they have other enhancements? Also does the standard ps4 not support HDR in those games as well?

Edit. I scrolled down and saw that many have extra updates as well under each title heading.

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sd11149d ago

They need destiny 2 on the list.

Dlaw76149d ago

We don't need it you can have

sd11149d ago

I will happily take it, thanks. I am enjoying the game and find it a huge improvement to the first. But it is certainly not for everyone.

jmetalhead77812149d ago

If they take full advantage of X's power, I'll pick it up in a second. If they don't, their lazy asses can keep their $100+

jasonpugh149d ago

Agreed. Loving D2 so far.

Bigpappy149d ago

The Xbox X version of Destiny will be the best version. No doubt about that

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