In defense of Mass Effect: Andromeda and other messy games

Polygon: "What we lose when we dismiss games this quickly."

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AnubisG368d ago

You mean: In defense of SJW PC culture and diversity instead of qualification.

I lost nothing by not playing that trash game. They ruined ME series for the sake of diversity and SJW PC culture.

You are not going to manipulate anyone Polygon. This crap needs to go away.

It's good that the free market said no to this politically charged crap. Now all of you SJWs know that we don't want your crap and what you stand for is vile, evil and disturbing and will fail. The free market has spoken.

LiamKreptic368d ago

You summed up everything very nicely! Well said!!!!

MizHDTV367d ago

Funny how they have all these tranny aliens
The games trash

Adrian_v01367d ago

The game failed because it was a bad game with many technical issues. Not because it's "PC" and "SJW".

AnubisG367d ago

They hired people based on diversity not qualifications. They made ugly female characters on purpose. Because people worked on it who were not as good but were only hired because of diversity you got a game full of technical issues. So yes actually, SJW PC culture IS the cause of the demise of ME Andromeda.

Retard368d ago

We lose great franchises when you throw narrow minded & blatant political narratives into games. Games are meant to escape our social climate; not see the stupidity for what it is

DrShoe368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Of course, an "article" from Polygon - the dirty unwashed bottom of the gaming press.

Christopher367d ago

I played the game all the way through, maximizing companion faction and completing every side quest. I and many others are not dismissing it quickly. We're dismissing it because it's very bad writing and a design that presents having more options when in reality it's more limiting than past games in many ways.

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