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Space shooter fans rejoice, Super Hydorah is here in nostalgic old school glory.  The talented team at Abylight Studios has created a retro infused horizontal scroll shooter for the Xbox One and PC.  It's an experience that takes players on a trip back in time to the 80's and 90's arcade era.

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ContraCode366d ago

Gradius is one of my favorite old school games and this looks amazing.

BootHammer366d ago

Gradius and R-Type are favorites of mine. They are timeless and always fun to come back to! We were really impressed with Super Hydorah. It's fantastic and I hope many give it a chance b/c it is really that good and deserves excellent sales. It's definitely tough, but really entertaining and urges you to always give that boss or level one more go.

Septic366d ago

I like the CRT monitor feature. To really hammer home those retro feels

BootHammer366d ago

The filter has been implemented really well, love the look =)

ContraCode366d ago

The screens really do look good, they nailed that old school presentation. Surprised I haven't heard more about this one.

BootHammer366d ago

The graphics, sound and entire presentation is gleaming with retro goodness =)

Yohshida366d ago

Looks a bit slow for my taste

BootHammer366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

That's interesting, which games do you like in this genre?

I'm no pro at these but I really enjoy them. For me at least, if it was any faster I don't think I would get past the first level, LOL. I've played faster space shooters, but usually their paced accordingly with how much players have to contend with on the screen. Super Hydorah balances this out well where at times it seems overwhelming but the more you die, the more you learn ;) It supplies some serious challenges for those that enjoy side scrolling shooters.

Yohshida366d ago

I like Einhänder, Geometry Wars, Thunder Force IV and Blazing Star. Not my fav genre, but its fun from time to time.

BootHammer365d ago

Those are some great games for sure!

Einhander1971366d ago

Oh shit might have to buy an Xbox now. This looks stunning:)

MackAshworth365d ago

A nice taste of nostalgia. Good stuff!

BootHammer365d ago

Yes sir! It is indeed =) Fun, challenging and full of retro awesomeness.