PS4 download size revealed for FIFA 18

The download size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 18.

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sizeofyou331d ago

Out of interest - age old discussion:
Who buys AAA games off of the PS store - unless they're on offer with at least 20-25% off?
I still can't see why there's a need to charge (in UK) £22 more for this than a physical copy. It's insane. I know it's not necessarily Sony. But it's still insane.
I'd use the store all the time if there was a closer correlation to the lower price (that of producing a physical disk, cover, inserts and box!)...

PapaBop331d ago

In the case of Fifa 18, it's not actually much cheaper elsewhere. Cheapest I've seen is simply games for £47 which is £13 cheaper. I imagine most who go digital do so for convenience.

sizeofyou331d ago

I've got it for £38.99 (admittedly with a discount). But yep...with other games, the general gap between retail and download is larger. I really don't get why it's so much for something they effectively post 'once' with some licensing intelligence and then they can "forget about it" until they feel it should be reduced.

PapaBop331d ago

37.93gb isn't that actually lower than fifa 17 somehow?