Xbox One X Interview -- Product Manager Talks the "World's Most Powerful Console" and More

Xbox One X Product Manager talks about the power under the hood, the size, and how Microsoft isn't going to forget the Xbox One S.

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Aceman18217d ago

Hey MS how about the games from you that we need to see to convince most of us to plunk down the cash for this powerful system?

Like I said before nothing about this system convinces me to go out and spend more money for a 4k OLED tv, and half grand for the product itself.

DreadGara217d ago

"Most powerful console"
No it's not, till it's released then you can call it whatever you like.
It's really pathetic that Xbox absolutely have nothing on hand but to grab on something like this.
Well...the only thing that Xbox reminds me of is the Jaguar.

Rude-ro217d ago

I do not what is more sad... that all they think they need is "power"... or that some fans actually think they are not getting Xbox one game with makeup on them.
Sad when it should be about the tech behind the amazing games, then taken up a notch on 4k tvs..
Different strokes for different folks I guess.

marquisray217d ago

what is sad is, all of you sony fans are on this thread instead of playing your exclusives games, lol
it would seem that with all of your exclusives you all would not have anytime time comment on the xbox pages. lol

TFJWM217d ago

There are only 3 other responses on this thread...