What to Expect From Square Enix During TGS 2017

Square Enix has a lot of ground to cover this TGS 2017.

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kalkano365d ago

Expect nothing, and wait for them to still, somehow, manage to dissapoint you...

Harkins1721365d ago

Dissida already stomped your prediction.

kalkano365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Dissidia is nothing, as are the FF15 updates they'll probably show, as are the tiny-budget games they'll probably show.

Harkins1721365d ago

UI update as well as noctis is more than nothing. Nice try.

thatguyhayat365d ago

Well kingdom hearts 3 is coming out next year so maybe that. Probably new IP and maybe if those rumours are true, the xbox exclusive game

Harkins1721365d ago

PSX or E3 E3 2018 more likely

Zodiac365d ago

Really hyped for Project Octopath Traveler! I couldn't get enough of the demo and I felt excited playing it.