The Switch is Doomed (PressureCast Episode One-Hundred-Ninety-Nine)

Nintendo Throws a Third Party Party With a New New 2DS.

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littlezizu332d ago

Switch on Doom according DF previews runs at 540p at 30 fps cost 60$ while on pc and other console it runs at 60 fps with minimum of 1080p costing between 12 to 21$ for new copy.
Switch on doom is worst port thus far on that console and also require memory card to download mp.

superchiller332d ago

Yep, it's really a joke that they even bothered to port Doom to the Switch, the handheld just doesn't have enough power to properly run it. Weak CPU and GPU, too little RAM, almost no internal storage, poor battery life, etc.

littlezizu332d ago

Worst part is it has input lag. See how late game reacts to after guy moves analog stick

EddieNX 332d ago

None of that's true though is it? The battery life is fine, it runs at locked 30fps and looks amazing which is perfectly what you would expect from a handheld title. The CPU and GPU are far from weak for a handheld and 4GB of RAM is plenty for a handheld. The Vita had half a gig by comparison.

_-EDMIX-_332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@litte-great find, this is news to me that really sucks and that's unfortunate for anybody who's looking forward to this version.

I understand the game looking completely different from the other versions but if the game's performance is going to suffer this much I don't think it's worth it for anyone to experience it this way.

Cash grab!!!! it's starting to become extremely apparent why Bethesda was looking to jump on the switch smh

@Super-they wanted a quick cash grab and possibly to exploit the switch Community that's desperate for AAA games.

@Eddie-do you have anything to actually really disprove this?

FYI being better than Vita does not disprove Super's point. For a fact it's weaker than the PlayStation 4 in the Xbox one that is not even a subjective concept it is an objective fact that you could look up , I don't even see the point in trying to dispute any of this.

So never mind if it's weak for a handheld or anything like that ,all you need to know is that the system clearly does not have the specs to run this game regardless if it's a portable or a Home console. Seeing this input lag only confirms that performance is greatly suffering because of weak specs.

That's like saying you have a calculator that has 1 gig of RAM "oh but it's the most powerful calculator in the world" and? That might be great for the calculator and Mathematics industry but it's still cannot run what we see as current generation games so I'm seriously not sure why it matters whether you think it's powerful for a specific device, if it's not powerful enough to run current generation games.

EddieNX 331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

But the Switch can quite clearly run this game. In fact it's releasing on the Switch in a few months deeerrrrp.

At the end of the day THE SWITCH IS PORTABLE. 4GB of RAM is loads for a portable (they probably couldn't get any more in) and the CPU and GPU are both excellent for a portable.

Why are you guys comparing a portable to home console? Completely irrellivant comparison.

If you wanna compare Doom on Switch to something, find another portable version please (so God help me if some one mentions a laptop XD )

As it stands nothing compares to the Switches portable version of doom. The Switch can run current generation games, Bethesda has provided solid proof. And begs the question, what other current generation games can the Switch run? I'm guessing quite a lot of them if they are reduced in settings like Doom.

3-4-5331d ago

"a joke" ? How.

They now get to tap into another fan base which = more money.

They have 3 games going to the Switch = more money.

This isn't for people who already have the game on PC....duh.

It's for people who own a Switch. Let me guess, you don't have one so you hate on it.

superchiller331d ago

@ 3-4-5 - Of course I don't own a Switch, it's a poorly designed handheld. And I own Doom on both the PS4 and Xbox One, why would I want to play a bad port just because it's on the Switch? Seriously? I'll take the real console versions over the poor Switch port any day.

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Supernintendo85332d ago

Well let's see if it sells then. Season passes are dumb and you get a micro portion of content as compared to the full game you purchased, but people still buy season passes.

littlezizu332d ago

What does sales and season passes ve to do with this subpar port with input lag. Game is just sham of announcement for switch.
Any people buying it let them enjoy 30fps with input lag like below

chris235332d ago

you are stating the obvious. nintendos audacity has reached new lows by seriously offering these overpriced and butchered titles to their customers. what a shame.

_-EDMIX-_332d ago

Are you serious? That is kind of surprising I really thought they were going to try to aim for 60 frames.

Do you have a link to the digital Foundry article or video?

EddieNX 332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Where did they say 540p ? I'm pretty sure it will be higher resolution than that.

Doom actually is looking pretty incredible on the Switch. It's by far the best looking portable FPS ever but that's not enough for you guys is it? I can't wait for it , I'm getting it day 1!!!! To me it's ten times more impressive than playing it on an XB1 or PS4.

Just watched 6 minutes of game play and yh, it might be 30fps but it's still so damm impressive. The general opinion is that it's mind blowingly impressive, but obviously not to the haters lol.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

From what I've read from previews in from the digital Foundry video is that they believe it's running 540p if not even possibly below that, I also read from many previews that even 30 frames it's not locked that it's dipped below that in many areas.

EddieNX 331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

They're just speculating. No Switch games have rendered that low, so I'm guessing that it will be 600p with AA like many other Switch games in handheld mode and perhaps 900p 30fps or 720p 60FPS in docked mode or something like that.

I I really don't understand the hate though, DF and everyone else who played it said they were very very impressed. It's a cutting edge current generation game on a handheld. There's really no point in comparing it to anything but another handheld version.

I'll be interested to see how it fares in docked mode. But for me it's day 1 and I must very excited for it.

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DialgaMarine331d ago

Doomed is such a harsh word. I still don't foresee many third party titles taking off on Switch due to pricing and the obvious performance gap, but the exclusives will certainly help maintain relatively good sales over the years.