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COGconnected - Cuphead has gained quite the reputation in the lead-up to its release for being an extremely challenging game. Spoiler - it's a well-deserved reputation.

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Cy245d ago


Trekster_Gamer245d ago

I think it is you who are being stupid.
They're comparing it to Dark Souls whereas how hard the game is nothing else!

PlayableGamez-245d ago

So every game that is challenging is comparable to Dark Souls?
Cuphead is a throwback to challenging 90s platformers. Not Dark Souls.
It's silly how every game that is hard in the 2010s is now DS.

phoenixwing245d ago

Although i dont agree with namecalling i share your sentiments cy

walruskiller245d ago

Please, stop comparing every difficult game to dark souls.

iDadio245d ago

Especially given the fact that Demons souls is where it started, Dark souls was more popular but also so much easier.

Digital_Anomaly245d ago

Lol... it's not a full comparison you whiny twits! It's become a simple way (shorthand even) to explain that a game is challenging without trying to stuff a bunch of extra words into a header. Almost used as a colloquialism more than anything else.

And why take it so damn personal? Lol

kingjosh1876245d ago

I just checked the dictionary, and I found more adjectives than "Dark souls" which mean difficult.

iDadio245d ago

Using those won't get you the clicks though

iDadio245d ago

It reminds me of Mickey Mouse and the castle of illusion, not in terms of difficulty just the colours and style.

ssmilloy36245d ago

when is this coming out on my phone

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