Forza Motorsport 7 appears to be suffering from Forza Horizon 3's initial CPU optimization issues

Microsoft and Turn10 released yesterday the demo for Forza Motorsport 7, however it appears that the game suffers from the same CPU optimization issues that initially plagued Forza Horizon 3. And that’s a bit shocking/surprising considering that Turn10 and Playground Games went the extra mile to fix those CPU issues in Forza Horizon 3, only to have them back in this latest iteration of the Forza Motorsport series.

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FITgamer330d ago

I didn't have any issues with the demo. Definitely nothing any where near as bad a FH 3 at launch.

Fishy Fingers330d ago

I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but hopefully mine runs ok later but there are plenty of reports of stuttering on the forums.

Fingers crossed if the very least the demo will assist in getting it fixed by launch.

Bigpappy330d ago

In the end, this game is designed for more powerful hardware

TheColbertinator330d ago


Silly comment ^^

FM7 demo runs fine on the original Xbox One and its the weakest hardware of all.

ImGumbyDammit330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

@TheColbertinator The article is not about Xbox issues. It is about optimization of PC CPUs'. Of which there dozens of CPU levels and hundreds of combinations those optimizations must take into consideration. Different i5 generations have different changes in how well they run. The same with i3, i7 and AMD chips. Different hard drive, memory types, and 100's of different drivers, different anti-virus running all that may cause issues that people all attribute to the CPU. But, really these issue may have nothing to do with the optimization at all. It just is a fact that PC's are a minefield of variables. No one PC is ever the same. Unless a game is specifically set to run only one type setup, e.g. an i7 with a 1080 card made from particular manufacturer and the machine guaranteed only x,y,z drivers are running, etc., developers will always have to deal with are barrage of moving pot holes that must be avoided to reach optimization. Whereas the console is a static device, a non-moving target. You know what you need to do to optimize for, there is no change. Even though a device that may be have lower end CPU like Xbox One S it is the same setup from XBO-S to the all the other XBO-S models. Likewise, the Xbox One X will have no variance between the next Xbox One X; they are all the same from a development perspective. PC's not so much, there are different manufacturers for parts (e.g. not all GPU cards of the same model are the same), different drivers, different generations of even the same CPU. It is a lot easy to hit a non-moving target on consoles that have one or two well known pot holes to deal with, than to hit that optimization with a barrage of pot holes developers have to deal with in PCs.

Cyro330d ago

Opposite for me.

Demo seems to be freezing and having extremely long load times. Never had these problems with FH3 even at launch.

OpenGL330d ago

The demo ran fine for me but my CPU isn't exactly low-end.

tee_bag242330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Same, it ran really well. But I noticed I totally pegs 2 cores at 100% and only loads up the other threads and cores around 20%. The work load isn't spread evenly. Forza 6 Apex does the same thing. It does run well though.

They need to get rid of the frame rate limit though. I want me some 120+

OpenGL330d ago

I noticed that, the framerate seems to be locked at 60fps regardless of whether vert-sync is enabled.

Sm00thNinja330d ago

Oh so only on PC correct?? I need to download the Xbox One demo

shinrock330d ago

No problems on the console side.

audiocafe330d ago

I didn't have a CPU issue but mine freezing, loading extremely slow, and eventually crashing because apparently it doesn't play nice with Afterburner if you're using the OSD. Once I disabled Afterburner it worked fine enough though

corroios330d ago

Turn 10 will quickly fix this. They are a good studio and the PC market is importante for Microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.