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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Destiny 2 is Bungie's sequel to their 2014 $500M gamble, Destiny. Set shortly after the events of the final expansion of the previous title, Destiny 2 opens with your world crumbling and takes you through a campaign that is surprisingly long, if shallow. Rounding out a mediocre at best campaign, is the same experience on multiplayer as found in the original Destiny; if you are doing strikes, who cares about level design, just get to the end to get the gear. Destiny 2 is still a grind and has developed no depth to bring it to "quality sequel" status. It is, and should have been, no more than the next DLC for the original. Rather than a fully-fledged game, Destiny 2 is a half-hearted attempt at saying "You wanted story, so we paralleled the greats and made a shallow experience to add to the already-mundane experience that you have been playing since 2014."

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InTheZoneAC327d ago

Reviewer clearly didn't play the game. Hope your banned for posting bs articles

dreue327d ago

i also dont get this review....

spicelicka327d ago

I disagree with the score but some fair points were raised.