Square Enix is trying to get full-fat Final Fantasy 15 on Nintendo Switch

Initial results 'weren't satisfactory', but there are several options on the table.

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DJK1NG_Gaming366d ago

Please. Give me any other Final Fantasy than XV

DJK1NG_Gaming366d ago

I have the game on PS4. I've played and beaten FFIV-X, XIII and XIV. Played on the others. Except XI.
And for you people who can't seem to accept this fact.

wonderfulmonkeyman366d ago

Take your own advice; he owns the Switch and the PS4.
I myself own a PS3 and soon a PS4 alongside a Switch, in addition to the step-brother of my family having a PS4 of his own in our home already, which everyone uses.

If there's a single good game out there that isn't on PC-only, chances are neither of us are missing out.
Can you say the same, due to owning more than just a PS4, XB1, or PC?

roadkillers366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Not saying FFXV was bad because it's not, but DAMN is traveling the world tedious. This is the only Final Fantasy where traveling to different areas was a chore.

Edit: Unless they fixed that from original release.

ShadowWolf712365d ago

"Not saying FFXV was bad because it's not"

lol yes it is

roadkillers365d ago

You think so? I never got that far, I enjoyed the combat, but hated the travel. I'm not doing that shit again.

Harkins1721366d ago

@wonderful. I have a PS4/PS3, 3DS, Switch.

XV is SE's priority right now why wouldn't they try to port the game to as many consoles as possible. They in time will release others.

PSN: Strife1721
NID: Harkins1721

Bahamut365d ago

Well, at least it isn't as bad as XIII. That being said, yeah, it's pretty mediocre, but I'm sure some people would like to have the option to play it on the go.

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Benjaminkno366d ago

I hear that it's not that good.
It's another good sign for 3rd party support though.

Can we have the FFVII remake instead??

porkChop366d ago

FFXV is a good game. It's not perfect, and there are some issues with it, but it's still a good game and certainly worth playing.

GameBoyColor366d ago

its solid but was unfinished. Like MGSV

wonderfulmonkeyman366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

They may be overrated at this point, but I'd much rather see a remake of X and X-2 than of the FFVII remake.
I don't like how they're selling the story of the FFVII remake in parts. [unless they've changed that since I last heard]

Harkins1721366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

So wait for all 3 parts to be for one good price.

It's also probably going to be cross gen being on PS4 and PS5.

Also X remake would be welcomed.

porkChop366d ago

I get the skepticism about FF7 Remake. I was mad at first too until I understood what they were doing.

They're not just remaking FF7 and cutting it in 3. They're expanding the world, the story, and everything else. Midgar will be fully explorable now, not just the small areas we saw before. Everywhere else will also be expanded in this way. And the game world will be fully open world.

So while it sucks that they're splitting it up into a trilogy, we're getting a hell of a lot more than just a remake.

Segata366d ago

I just want a remake of VI and IX using a modern engine. (not counting stupid mobile games)

Segata366d ago

FFXV is good but won't be remembered for years to come. It has issues. It's in no way a bad game.

365d ago
Segata365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


I platinumed the game btw and I rarely do that. Sales don't determine if a game is time-honored FFXV won't be because so much of its story is missing from the game. The gameplay isn't all that great either. It's not bad but nothing people will go oh hey this game introduced this great mechanic like FFIV did with ATB. I like the game. Be real tho, it's not a game that will be cherished for years to come like some other entries in the series.

ZeekQuattro366d ago

Nice to hear that they are looking for ways to bring over the full game to the Switch instead the chibi mobile version which people said it would be. Still won't buy the game on any platform but its nice to see an effort being made.

InTheZoneAC365d ago

You're not buying this game on any platform?.......

knickstr366d ago

Don't think it's going to happen well. It's barely running nba2k18. Cutscenes are laggy and there are bugs everywhere. Just don't think it can handle the bigger games.

wonderfulmonkeyman366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It's running Wolfenstein II The New Colossus, and that's a new game, so there goes that theory.
NBA 2k18 is just not being done as well as it could be.
It's an effort, but the devs could do better; it's having issues across ALL platforms, not just on Switch.

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GamingCentaur366d ago

That game isn’t even out yet and you can bet it will be a disaster. Probably will run at sub-HD resolution with really low-res textures and bad performance.

Hell, even if the game was a perfect port it would flop on the Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman365d ago

You do know how stupid it sounds to claim it won't even be HD, right?

_-EDMIX-_365d ago

@Wonder- Doom is confirmed by digital Foundry to be running at 540p and they even suspect that even below that resolution, that is not actually defined as high resolution....

So I would completely understand somebody saying it's sub-hd I can't even really say sub HD , it's simply not high definition at all....

So GamingCentaur isn't completely off because digital Foundry is already confirming the low-res textures removal of depth of field 540p and below 30 frame rate performance for Doom which actually means what he saying is not really that far off from what the possibility is for some of these other games.

So I didn't know that 540p was considered high resolution

and I didn't know that the removal of multiple textures is also considered high texture

and I also didn't know that below 30 frames per second was great performance to you guys, I'm sorry but the facts are in and doom is sort of showing that there is a performance hit there even seems to be lag.

It's hard to say something is not happening when multiple sources are very much displaying that it's happening.

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