Nintendo Took Down Mario 64 Online Creator's Patreon And 20 Videos

Welp. This didn't take long. Nintendo really does n't like it when their IP property is being used without permission.

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mcstorm301d ago

Well what did they expect.

HowBoutDat301d ago

Daaaamn, jelous someone improved upon their game and released it for free. Just do it already Nintendo, you’ve had 21 years, all these devs and all this money. You look a little out of touch with what people want more and more as time goes on.

rocketpanda301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

We all know Nintendo takes down videos on YouTube if you're not signed up, but taking down a patreon? But I guess if your going to use anything Nintendo related they'll go after you. Next time give the patreon another name.

Sgt_Slaughter301d ago

I'm actually surprised by this. I've seen Mario 64 mods plenty of times before with no issue from Nintendo.

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